Monday, March 21, 2011

Epsom Post-Concert Video

A video was posted on YouTube by FliegenerTeppich. It shows the stage before the concert and Tom Cully coming down the steps. Then it shows Daniel, Stefan, Ralph and Ben signing autographs and smiling for pictures with a few fans after the concert. Ralph walks away with a woman who may be his mom.

Ben made the girls giggle when he said, "Kon'nichiwa" to some Japanese fans. He's so nice! They say, "Mini Ben is Big Ben now," because he's so tall! lol I guess they asked him how he was because he says, "I'm splendid." :) Then he says, "No, I remember the face. I do. I remember all these faces," and "I'm so happy that you came."

Then we see Carlos, Liam, Matthew R-A and Alex getting on the bus. Someone says, "Good night" and "Thank you, Eleanor." Liam's laughing on the bus as they drive away home.


  1. nice vid, lexi and thank you to the person who posted it first. wow! good to know tom c. was in attendance. liam and ben p. have grown a lot. and ralph skan, too. congratulations again, libera for a successful concert at epsom. canada's waiting....

  2. what a manner our Ben has :*)
    you know I was bit shocked about B's changed voice when I watched this at first.
    It's first shown video to hear his changed voice, right?

  3. T...T....Tom......
    Ben, Ralph, Daniel,Stefan.....
    wow it's goooooooood video!!!!
    Thank you,FliegenerTeppich n Lexi :)

  4. Wow, thank you for finding this Lexi! Now I am really jealours... I think I heard Stefan saying "thank you" in the video and his voice seemed to be totally OK except a little hoarse. So he was just not well that day... this is really good news! :D

  5. Thanks for letting us know about this video! I hear and see myself in it quite a bit! and when Tom is walking down the stairs and turns to say something to someone behind him, that was me :D So glad the concert went well :)

  6. I agree it is a really good video! I can definitely hear that Ben's voice is lower. And he's gotten so tall! Alex is really tall, too! I wonder if he'll be the tallest cousin. And that's you Rebecca?!!! Is that when you said Tom came running down the stairs and almost ran into you? lol Glad you had a great time! :D

  7. I was so shocked when I talked to Ben, I wasn't expecting that much of a change since the last video I'd seen! And yep, it is me!! One the left, from about the 8 to 9 second mark :) This was right after (or before?) that! :D

  8. I'm so happy to get the chance to see videos from after the concert! Of course this makes me a bit sad that I hadn't got the chance to go and see them, but this helps a bit :)

    I'm quite surprised to hear Ben's voice too! But you can still recognize his voice's "sound" (if that makes sence xD). He's always such a gentleman, and I think I wouldn't be able to control myself if I met him irl, haha xD I would definitely giggle my head off and become very red, LOL.

    But it's funny if you notice it, you can hear a lot of foreign languages being spoken in the background, like French, German, Japanese and also (Korean)? or is it just me? I wonder if there were any Danes?

  9. hello yes its amazing to see how deffrinet bens vocies is now i was srpriest too and thanks so much for leting poeple see this video i thank it was cool to see tom looking and walking down thats nice and saying hello its nice to see daniel smile and ben yes i belive mini ben is now a big ben now