Monday, August 8, 2011

Frisco Concert

I'm ba-ack! Band camp went well if anyone cared. :) I had a lot of fun. OK, on to what you do care about! Libera! And another lovely Sunday spent with them! :)

Libera sang for the 2 morning services at Stonebriar Church. They sang "Gloria" and "Exultate" together then "Glory To Thee" for the offertory. It was beautiful! The church complex is HUGE! The church sanctuary itself seats 3,000. Each service had about 2,500 people, so that's 5,000 total that heard them! In between the 2 services, the boys came out into the foyer to greet the church people and hand out a card with how to get the free download of their new "Joy To The World" song. I saw Tiarnan, Ralph with Nano Ben, Matthew J, Mini Ben, Daniel, Josh, Jakob, Sam, Barney, Alex and Matthew M. We said "hi" to Tiarnan, Matthew J and Daniel, but didn't talk too much because they were supposed to be spending their time with church people. Daniel said he handed out all of his cards already. :)

After lunch, we came back to the church and...there were tables and chairs set up in the lobby!!! I counted 30 chairs! Can you say "Meet and Greet?!" :D

One fan from Singapore heard about the concert
on Thursday and flew 24 hours to get there!! 

Some friends of ours came to the concert. Lots of people came late, so they had to
sit in the back for the 1st half. Our friends live in Dallas but used to live in Chicago
and moved when I was 4 years old. One of their sons couldn't come, but
I was happy to see my friends again. :)

The concert itself was amazing! It was truly PERFECT! First, I loved that church! It was the kind where there are no bad seats. The colored (or "coloured" as they would say in the UK) lights looked really cool in the church shining off of the big organ pipes behind the boys. There are no windows, so it wasn't daylight inside for the first half of the concert like the other concerts had been. The lighting crew could make it very dark and use all kinds of lights. I heard an extra generator was brought in to handle the electricity needed!

All of the soloists were ON! It was incredible! The really high note solos by Matthew RA and Jakob were done from a high choir loft on the left side. I noticed that Daniel sings these really high parts in "Song of Life" and "Love and Mercy!" His solo in "Stay With Me" is a little lower, but he can still sing crazy high!

All the boys seemed very relaxed. They seemed like they were really enjoying themselves...maybe it's because there was air conditioning. :) But everything just flowed so smoothly from one song to the next. No rush. Just loving every minute.

Josh did AMAZINGLY on "Eternal Light." So amazingly that it made my mom cry. :) It was stunning. He sang with such meaning, and he always looks like he is so happy to be singing when he sings.

"Exultate" was really cool because in the church there were these four archways high on the walls on each side of the stage, and they had yellow and orange lights shining in the archways. So the first was yellow, the second orange, the third yellow and the fourth orange. And then when the boys would step forward it would switch so it was first orange, second yellow and so on. It was a really cool effect.

"Te Lucis" was really awesome. The 7 big boys also sang from the high left choir loft. The other concerts have had a big, cathedral echo effect, but this one didn't, so you could distinctly hear each boy's voice. Sam has an amazing voice! So strong and steady. Another stunner! :)

Freddie's speech about the hoods got changed up again, but this time, instead of Kavana pulling Cassius off the front of the stage, Liam came forward, picked up the still-hooded Cassius and carried him over to his spot on stage amid thunderous applause and laughter. He then proceeded to yank Cassius' hood back to reveal Cassius laughing as well. It was so funny!

"Ave Verum" was (as usual) stunning. I get goosebumps every time! Carlos was awesome on his solo. And of course we ended with "How Shall I Sing That Ma-je-sty" (as Jude says it.) The audience loved it and gave a standing ovation. After the encore, they clapped and cheered and whistled and "wooed." I think they were hoping to get Libera to come out again. And thus ended another amazing Libera concert. But do not be sad! There was a Meet and Greet still to come! Yay!

The boys were all really excited and talkative, which was awesome. Sam asked me what my favorite song was, and I said "Ave Verum" which he and Tiarnan seemed rather pleased with. :) I then asked Sam what it was like having his YOUNGER brother be taller than he is. He groaned while Tiarnan laughed at him. He said, "And Josh is younger than me, too!" Then he smiled and said, "They got the height, but I got the brains." I said, "Good comeback!" and he smiled.

I got to talk to all the little guys (who really seem to be completely clueless as to what is going on. lol) I got to tell Matthew R-A and Jakob good job on their high notes, and I made sure to tell Carlos that "Ave Verum" is my favorite song, which he really seemed to like. I told Daniel good job on his solo and on all the high notes that we just realized he had!

I told Alex about what I said to Sam, and he said that being taller has its advantages and disadvantages. (I can't imagine what the disadvantages would be. lol) I told him what Sam said about getting the brains, and Alex smiled and told me, "It's true though. He's smarter than all of us." So there we go Sam lovers. Sam is the smart one. :)

I told Ben I liked his hair, which he seemed to appreciate. I asked Josh if he was surprised when they asked him to sing a solo, and he told me that he was, but he really enjoys it. He also said that they're going to start featuring the lower voices more to add a "different texture" to the concerts. So that's AWESOME! :D

I asked Liam whose idea it was to pick Cassius up, and he said that it was Tiarnan's in the rehearsal that day. He said "Rob" asked him to do it. Cassius apparently couldn't hear Liam coming toward him so he wasn't expecting it, even though he knew it was coming, which explains why he was laughing so hard when Liam yanked his hood off. :)

So I'm in Houston now. One more concert to go. :( Can't wait to hear them again! :)

Now get ready for a ridiculous number of pictures! lol Between my mom's camera and my camera, there's just too many good ones! :D

Tiarnan taking pictures of all of us taking pictures of all of them. lol

Isn't Eoghan's face so cute?!!!  :)

Matthew J. & Jude

Nano Ben and Thomas
Nano Ben's dad wrote in to the blog and said to tell everyone "hi." :)

Luke, Sam & Tiarnan

Matthew Madine, Eoghan & Jakob

Freddie, Cassius & Orlando

Matthew R-A, Carlos & Dylan

Barney & Sammy

Kavana & Daniel

Ben, Josh & Liam

Michael & Isaac

Ralph & Henry

OK. In case you didn't learn all their names yet, let's do it again!

Matthew J. & Jude

Nano Ben & Thomas

Luke & Sam

Matthew Madine & Eoghan


Freddie & Cassius


Matthew R-A & Carlos

Dylan & Barney

Sammy & Alex

Kavana & Daniel

Ben, Josh & Liam

Michael & Isaac

Ralph & Henry - lol, Ralph!

Thanks for a great concert and awesome Meet & Greet, guys! :D


  1. Wow! A wonderful review. Thanks, Lexi :D. Apparently,you have more photos of this one. Lol!

  2. were you the last ones? :p all the little kids were running around already by the time you got to the end.

  3. hats off again to you, lexi for a wonderful job! wow, you're now in houston! and the pictures of the newbies are a wonderful sight, too. thanks again. i was sick the past days so i didn't have time so much for internet. anyways, these pictures & reviews gave me a good feeling . thanks so much!! and you take care.


    Thanks for the much information about the Concerts. They are very nice! I would also like to see them live :(
    ARE there any videos or photos of the situation with LIAM und CASSIUS?????!
    It seems to be so cute O.O
    Greets from Germany ;)

  5. Thank you for keeping us informed (:
    I wish I could have attended one concert but I live in Mexico and it's really hard to convince my parents to take me to the US just for a concert :(

  6. Hi, Anon! I was toward the end of the line. My mom was the last in line. And yeah, all the little kids were running around in the background. It's funny to see. :D

    Hi, Mrs. Guzman! Hope you are feeling better. Are you excited about October?! ;)

    Hi, Julie! Thank you. We are not supposed to take videos during the concert, so unless Libera took a video of it, I don't think there is one. Can't wait to see what they do in Houston. :)

  7. great review! Love the Liam carrying Cassius part ;)

  8. Hi, Lexi, thank you to you and your mum for the detailed review and pictures. It is great to see how the experience is unfolding for others throughout the tour, even though I can't be there myself. I still am thinking about the wonderful day in Chicago with the music of Libera. Thanks again, and maybe I'll see you both in the future (maybe a concert in Canada?)

  9. All your pictures are great, Lexi! This was one of the best Libera concerts I've ever been to! Libera's new song "Lamentione" was sung very slowly, and was so touching. All the boys did exceptionally well, and were VERY lively after the concert! I enjoyed all of them!! :D

    It was great meeting you, Lexi! I was the guy with the blue and white head wrap whom you came over to greet! :))

  10. Thanks for the great report and pictures Lexi. I'm already back in Singapore. Can't concentrate on my work though as I'm humming libera songs ;-) Philippines 22nd makes sense, as the last week of October is school holidays in the UK. Best, Michael

  11. Thank you all! It was great to meet you, Tom, and I know my mom met you, Michael. That's amazing that you traveled 24 hours to see Libera in Frisco! I'm guessing you'll be going to the Philippines in October. Wanna take your camera and write a review? :D