Saturday, August 6, 2011

Libera Blog USA Tour - Parts 1 and 2

So, one of the boys has been writing! You can read the full blog here. And as usual, there is much debate over who it is. My mom thinks it's Liam. But whoever it is, they are very funny! I love the line at the beginning of the first blog, "So do tuck in to the glorious feast of words that shall now be laid before you, on this, the sweeping buffet of the Internet." Lol! This cracks me up! So dramatic. :)

Sunday morning church at the Cathedral of St. Paul was, as the writer said, "a sweltering pit of heat." lol. The heat really has been awful. But this makes me think that the writer is not (Mini)Ben, because he told us he likes the heat. Little deductive reasoning there, Watson. ;)

That same night was their performance at the Starkey Gala. They did such a great job there. I think I see Beatles memorabilia up for auction in the background there. Starkey raised a lot of money that night!

Cool picture with Miley Cyrus, guys! :) And then they also went to the Science Museum and saw a film about King Tut!? Wow! They pack a lot into one day!

Madden's Resort sounds like it was a lot of fun. We've already heard about the awesome banana boat. And we got hit by that thunderstorm, too. It was GINORMOUS! Glad they enjoyed it. Lol.

And OH MY GOODNESS! A picture of the boys in which they are not in their white robes or blue shirt/pants outfit! I think this is definitely a first! Well, recently anyway. :) It's a picture of Jude and (Mini)Ben playing croquet (Jude has a cute cartoon t-shirt on, and Ben looks like a Ralph Lauren model!), and it looks like Tiarnan, Sam, Josh, Jakob, Alex and Luke playing basketball in the background! 

A trip down the Mississippi River. I wonder if they went on a paddle boat. I've done that, and it's very fun! A lot of bald eagles hang out around the river to fish, too. :)

 I love the ending of this blog post! "The mid-West (which could easily be titled the mid-East too) would be our home for the next two more weeks!" True...I wonder why we do call it the mid-West...hmm...but no time to think about it now.

2nd blog! That's so cool that they got to see all of that music stuff! And shout-out to Simon...he got to play! Sa-weet! He's so awesome!

Glad they had movies to watch on the coach...although our writer slept... :) Ah, the "beloved Cracker Barrel." I love that place! They have really good food, and it's a nice, cozy atmosphere. If you're in the States for the tour and you haven't tried it yet, take the Libera boys' advice and go! It is amazing! I wonder if they all sat at their tables and played that peg board game with the golf tees. Now you have to go to try the food and the game. :D 

I'm so glad they said such nice things about Chicago. If you haven't noticed yet, I love my city. :) Sounds like their hotel, The Ritz, was very "posh." I've been in the lobby anyway, and it's beautiful.

Hope they saved a few of those posh little toiletries to take home to show their families. lol.

The Moody Church service was awesome. Can't believe they felt nervous on stage. They didn't SEEM nervous. The place WAS packed, though. The writer modestly says their songs "all went down very well with the congregation." They got a standing ovation! Churches don't usually give standing ovations. :D

The writer is so kind about the concert at Rockefeller Chapel. It, like St. Paul's, was very hot! They did a great job despite the heat. And yep, some people from the church service were there as well as "our faithful fans who are always there." Aww, that's so nice of him to say! :)

I don't think it is possible to see everything in the Museum of Science and Industry in one day! I love that place! My mom and my cousin and I go down there sometimes together, and it is always really fun. They have, as the writer mentioned, a giant U-boat that the Americans captured from the Germans...well, actually it's really "small" for a U-boat, but when you get up close to it, it's really huge! This is a picture of it that my mom took.

I'm glad they enjoyed all of the inter-activity. They've been remodeling things to make everything inter-active, and I agree, it is really fun. I wonder if they saw the Swiss Jolly Ball machine. I love that thing! :)

The boat ride is amazing as well. It is fun going on the Chicago River, going under the drawbridges and seeing all the buildings from an angle no one gets to see. And then you go out onto Lake Michigan. You get a really good view of Chicago from there! This is an excellent picture of them out on the Lake!

Luke, Michael, Jakob, Tiarnan and Matthew Madine

And oh dear...where did they go for dinner?! :p Well, I'm glad they had fun anyway. :) Keep the blogs coming, sir! (Whoever you are.) Can't wait for more!

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  1. Hi Lexi,
    I agree with your comment about the picture of Ben and Luke not in their robes or blue collared shirts. I don't think I have hardly ever seen one. Very cool to see them looking like normal boys.