Friday, August 5, 2011

More St. Paul Pictures from Luke

Our friend, Luke, got to go to the St. Paul concert, and he sent us his pictures. Here are some of the best. If you copy, please be sure to credit him. :)

Beautiful picture of the Cathedral of St. Paul.

This shows you the magical effects the lighting crew
is able to do. It's what makes a live concert even better.
A beautiful church helps, too. :)

First standing ovation!

Last note of encore!

The arms go out and the smiles come on!
Thanks for a great concert!

The boys eat again after the concert, then head back to the hotel.
This picture makes them look like ghosts floating to their coach.

And I seem to recall "someone" sneaking around the front of the coach to take a picture of our "I ♥ Libera" license plate. ;)


  1. Really nice photos! Especially love the ones of the stage lit up! Amazing quality!!! Thank you for sharing them, Luke.:)

  2. Any time! I'm glad they were good enough to post. Maybe next year I can see more than one concert! Great post(s)!