Friday, August 5, 2011

More Moody Church Pictures From Jimmy

Our friends Jimmy and Yumiko from Japan flew to Chicago for the Sunday church service at Moody Church and the concert at Rockefeller Chapel. Jimmy takes such great pictures! He could be Libera's official photographer! Thank you for sharing these, Jimmy! If you copy, please give him credit. There are sooo many great pictures, so strap on your seat belts and relive that awesome day with us. :)

Beautiful stained glass.

Sam Coates! :)

The boys arriving for church.

I just love pictures like this. There's so much going on.

Look how cute the little ones are! And Carlos is yawning.
Aww. It's a long drive from Minneapolis to Chicago.

Rehearsing for church.

Another great "so much is going on" picture!

Excellent picture of Liam! :)

During church at end of song service.

Right before congregation gave a standing ovation.

After church, the chaperones brought Jude, Cassius,
Matthew Madine and Dylan out to the lobby to meet people.

Mrs. Geraghty's hand is on Dylan's head. :D

Great picture of Cassius!

Nick passing out fliers for the concert. :)

Mr. Philipp meeting Nick & Nate's grandma.

Nick wouldn't stop working until all his fliers were gone!

Then all the Libera boys came out!  :D

Ralph is so kind to the little ones. :)

They probably think he's so awesome cause he had a bloody nose! :D

What kind of books are Nano Ben and Dylan holding?

Barney is so shy. lol.

Great picture of Orlando! :)

Eoghan is holding a Harry Potter book of some sort.

Leaving for lunch.

Ben, Josh and Liam help carry everyone's water. It was hot!

A happy fan!

Photo bomb! :D

Still more to come...


  1. this is soooo awesome, wish i was there too....:(
    o adn i thot i should tell u that Libera uploaded their blog XDD
    and keep up the great work!!!

  2. thanks again lexi for sharing these wonderful pictures. the churches are so beautiful! and looks like i'll be having a hard time memorizing the names & faces of the new boys, hah hah. also, thank you to jimmy (riddle?) for his photos.

  3. No, not Jimmy Riddle. Jimmy from Japan. :D

  4. Great photos. I'm surprised of how many new faces there are. Could someone please update me with all the new members? just from this post I could see new names like Dylan, Jude, Nick, Eoghan, Barney, Orlando and Nano Ben (why is he called that?) xD It's pretty hard to get hold of all those boys, haha.

  5. Hi Lexi. I read your blog from time to time and never commented, but this time I had to, because of these pictures. Some of them really moved me. I love the one of the boys entering the church. There is something about the way the light falls through the windows and the boys in their white robes, Dylan looking over his shoulder, Matthew J strinding in very confidently and the other two boys all peaceful, quiet... there's something about it that makes it almost like a Vermeer painting. Now that I look at it again, it actually reminds me of a dream I once had with Libera boys in it, I can see it again clearly now in my head, the same kind of building and the same kind of light (although in my dream it was even more light, the light was everywhere! But it has the same serene quality as in my dream.) Plus seeing the boys in their robes really moves me. I think what they express with their robes is very beautiful and it speaks to my heart. And in this picture, for some reason, they struck me again. It's a random moment, but perfectly captured.

    And then there is the one with Ralph full of attention for two little ones. Like a big brother. So very moving also.

    I loved all the pictures, but those two really stood out as they really touched me. So thank you, and my compliments to your friend Jimmy from Japan :)

  6. Thank you, choirfan. I agree with you, too! Jimmy and his wife read this blog, so they will see the nice things you said about his pictures. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. :)

  7. Hi Lexi, thanks for coming back to my lenghty comment ;) In case you didn't know, I'm Maartendas from Libera Dreams :) (Choirfan is my blog.. it's a bit about Libera too but I tend not to blog too much about Libera as there are already so many great fan blogs out there)

  8. Hi, Keekii! Nick isn't one of the Libera boys. lol He's one of the boys I babysit. I put the names of the boys under the Frisco pictures for you. :D

    Hi, Maartendas! Very nice blog! My mom says to tell you that we have a signed program for you. :D

  9. Hi Lexi, yes she sent me a message about it the other day :) Looking forward to receiving it in the mail! Glad you like my blog :)

  10. Awww matthew your so adorable I can't wait to see you. ;)