Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Libera Christmas CD Cover

PolyEast Records has released the cover of "Libera The Christmas Album"!!! It has the same picture of Stefan, Matthew, Cassius, Barney and Ralph, but now they have snow covered trees behind them and the word "Libera" is all icicle-y looking. Brrr. It's beautiful! Thank you to Fan de LoK for the link. :)

According to elemental7 on the Dreams forum, there are 16 songs on the CD. We know that it has "Joy To The World." That's already been released as a free download. Supposedly it also has -  

Carol of the Bells
Veni Veni Emmanuel
Corpus Christi Carol
Still, Still, Still
The First Nowell
and Lullabye (not sure if it is Josh's)

Per Libera360 the tentative release date in the Philippines is September 26. Amazon.co.uk has a release date of November 7 for the rest of us. And supposedly there will be a Deluxe Edition! Can't wait to find out more!... :)


  1. thanks for the information lexi, i hope you can come to the philippines to see the concert, the big PICC complex and what our country can offer to visitors. i myself cant wait for this titanic day.october 25 2011 when LIBERA will rule the entire country with their wonderful music!

  2. im super excited :DD thank u for posting this

  3. I'm hoping for "Walking on the Air". I love their version when recording as St Phillip's Boys Choir :-D