Saturday, August 27, 2011

Libera Blog USA Tour - Part 6 - "Hotel Life"

Our last and final installment of the USA Tour Blog is "Hotel Life." You can read it here.

While we fans will never really understand what it's like to do a concert or an M&G or even how things go on the coach, hotel life is one thing that we can understand. This blog is really good because it explains what staying in different hotels for a month feels like. For the super fans, this makes perfect sense. :) But it's really interesting from the boys' point of view.

The comment about the "nerve-freezing" air conditioning cracks me up. lol. And apparently one of the most exciting parts of the stay is the anticipation of finding out who you will be rooming with. But there are no drum rolls. *sadly puts drum away* And then, to bed they go. S.L.E.E.P. :)

Awesome looking waffles!!!

Wake up in the morning for FOOD!!! which our ghost writer seems to enjoy. He is, like me, very sad that all the food in the minibar cannot be eaten. I know that feeling...too bad I'm not rich. lol.

And I wish I had someone to make my bed for me all the time...I usually end up getting scolded for not doing that...I'm really bad about making my bed. Just ask my mom. And yes, I love the giant TV as well. Although we never have much time to watch it.

And so ends the US Tour blogs. Goodbye to you, too, mystery writer. ;)

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