Sunday, August 14, 2011

Libera Blog USA Tour - Parts 3 & 4

Well, more great blogging by the Libera boys. You can read blog 3 here. I asked Liam at the Houston Meet & Greet if he was the writer of the blog. He smiled and said that he can't say. "It's a little game that we play." lol. Well, I'll play their "little game." It's fun to guess, and they do give you some hints. :D

We people of the "webworld" :) were treated to a description of their coach/bus/elongated car journeys. It sounds so fun with the "cluster of noise" going on. This journey led them to St. Louis and a visit to Grant's Farm. Although most American farms don't have elephants and bald eagles, this farm is owned by Anheuser-Busch and also has some of their signature Clydesdale horses.

I love the picture of Liam being attacked by baby goats! Good thing he had those milk bottles. My experience with goats is that they'll try to eat your clothes. lol.

At the St. Louis concert, the older boys sang "Te Lucis" from a gallery in the left dome. The writer gives us a hint when he says that "it was really funny to watch all these heads turn to look and see where the sound was coming from." Only the 7 big boys singing could have seen the audience looking around for them like that. ;)

In Arkansas they encountered a lot of locust (What we call grasshoppers or crickets). It could have been cicadas, though, and those are very noisy and freaky looking. It's not a wonder Ben's "insectophobia" came out! :p I think we had a lot of those insects stuck to the front of our van by the time we arrived in Texas!

And how cool that they got to stop off at a Wild West town! Is the writer a Clint Eastwood fan? "Go ahead. Make my day." On to blog can read it here.

Their hotel in Dallas was super nice - the Four Seasons Las Colinas which we learned has many "sporting areas of joy" and one very hot jacuzzi. lol.

This writer clearly cherishes his sleep. Waking up at 6:30 a.m. is way too early for him. (More on that later.) They sang for 2 morning services at Stonebriar Church and did not seem sleepy at all. It WAS a bit surprising to see them out in the lobby after the first service handing out fliers. It's funny, but I don't remember Liam being out in the lobby. Is the writer Josh or Sam?

He likes Barnes & Noble and books and Sherlock Holmes mystery stories. Me, too! :D

I also think that the Frisco concert was the best of the entire tour. The other concerts were great, but that one was just perfect! Remember if you get to go to a signing, bring something different to get their signatures on. He mentions phones and bags. I know for a fact that Sam signed a bag! :D I also saw ipods, a watch, and one kid had them sign his cast on his broken arm! Well, don't go breaking a limb just to get Libera to sign your cast, but you get the idea. lol.

More love for the Cracker Barrel restaurant! Here they are in the rocking chairs lined up on the front porch. You can buy these rocking chairs and lots of other stuff inside their store.

Yet another Four Seasons hotel, this time in Houston, elicited this description - "What rapture and delight exceeded the boundaries of the coach cannot be described as we pulled up outside.Oh, happy day! Well, night, as by the time we checked in and got to the rooms (which were outstandingly lavish) we just went to sleep. Ah, how comfortable those beds were! As you can see, the stresses of touring are just more than a man can bear." That whole thing just cracks me up! :D 

Here you can see Sam showing them the sound mixing desk before the final concert at Tallowood.

Now for the funniest part. On their final morning, 2 rooms got wake-up calls at the wrong time. Or was it? Sammy and Jakob apparently ignored their erroneous call. The room with Liam, Josh and Sam got their call at 6:30 a.m.! Doesn't this sound like a total prank? Maybe it was some of the other boys or even the crew? There they were, dressed and ready to go whilst everyone else was still sleeping. And you know our writer likes his sleep. Either that or some poor business man did NOT get his wake-up call. lol.

Thanks to the writer(s) for such entertaining blogs! And thanks for a great US Tour! Hope all the boys and adults had a great time. See you soon! :)


  1. Hi Lexi. I love the picture of Liam with the baby goats too :). We all called him 'Daddy Liam'.
    Is that Sam in the last picture? Thx for mentioning him. I made a mistake for Big Ben :P.

  2. Baby goats (on seeing Liam and other members of Libera carrying bottles of milk in their pen): MAAAAAHH! MAAAAHHH! (Translation: Oh, wow! These boys came all the way from London, England just to feed us!!!!)

  3. My most prized position right now is my iPod with a Libera skin from I had signed by Josh, Ben, Liam, Daniel, and Big Ben :D I'm storing it in a plastic baggie when it's not being used, to protect the signatures until my new clear case arrives. Liam and Big Ben in particular seemed to like it.

  4. Hi, Charmaine! Yes, that is Sam Coates that works the sound mixing desk. :)

    Hi, Jenn! Your iPod skin is way cool! Yours is the one I was writing about. :D