Saturday, August 20, 2011

Libera Blog USA Tour - Part 5 - "On The Bus"

Oh. My. Goodness. This blog had me laughing so hard! You can read it here. The beginning alone tells you it's gonna be a good one. "Eight wheels. A ton of metal. 28 choirboys. And one moose." So here's how the travel day goes for them.

1. Play an hour of Mario Kart on Nintendo DS. The cool thing about this game is that only one person has to own it for you to play it on “The Ds Download connectythingy.” This was pretty funny for me to hear, because the day the blog was posted I had been babysitting my buddies Nick and Nate (who some of you met in Chicago), and we played this game for quite a while on "The Ds Download connectythingy." All three of us have DS's (What's the plural of DS?) but only one of us has the game. Me! :) So far this is one of the only games I have ever found that you can do this with! OK, I'm now done ranting about video games. Back to Libera.

2. Goofing off doing whatever. Playing their own games, reading books, listening to music...hmm...sounds like what I do all day. :)

3. "Off screens." This is probably a good idea. It's like a pre-planned "put up the video games and go play outside" that I always hear from my mom. lol

4. Lunch. It's 28 boys. This is an important part of the day. Need I say more?

5. Quiet time. In other words the time for the big boys to pass out and the little boys to squirm around and ask how much longer before...

6. "Screens are allowed!!!"

7. Bathroom break. For those times when the coach bathroom is...not usable anymore...*awkward smile* lol

8. After the bathroom break look for cool things to take home to their families. :) This is usually the part of the trip where I buy way too much junk food and then proceed to eat it all in record time. lol

9. The "excitement phase." I TOTALLY know this phase! We take that trip down to the national competition I talk about, and the last half hour is always the most fun. We're wide awake, singing, laughing, talking, being generally crazy. On the way to camp it's the last fifteen minutes. We usually start singing the camp theme song as loudly as we can and doing all the cheers and screaming and laughing and...yeah. Basically it's the most fun for the kids, the least fun for the adults in charge. ;)

10. Get to the hotel. And here comes the feeling of standing up and walking around again after who-knows-how-long.'s like your legs don't even work! Then we sorta check out the hotel, well as much as you can through your sleep-laden eyes. And then...

11. Sleep. Glorious sleep. :)

Another excellent blog from a Libera boy! Whoever you are.  ;)

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  1. Maybe this one is not written by a libera boy, as somewhere in the article it says "to alow THEIR...". If it was a boy shouldn't it say "OUR"?