Saturday, August 6, 2011

More Chicago Pictures From Jimmy

After a fun pizza lunch for 12 of us at Gino's East, we all met up again later at Rockefeller Chapel for the concert. Again, Jimmy's pictures are so great. If you copy, please credit him.

Beautiful but hot Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago.

East side lawn with people waiting for carillon concert.

Premium ticket!

Beautiful stained glass.

Organ loft and rear balcony.

Cool picture of Libera's equipment.

More cool lighting effects in a beautiful church.

Standing ovation! :D

Libera walking to their coach.

Mr. Prizeman, Eoghan & Carlos.

Little Matthew Madine is helping carry things! Those
bags say "Treasure Island" which is a local grocery store.

Little ones waving to the fans. :)

Josh helping carry stuff. I like that the big boys help.
And some little ones, too. :D

Dylan & Isaac.

Alex helping out, too! :)

All smiles! :D

Daniel carrying more bags & Ben waving to fans. You
can't see it well, but Jakob has his bag strapped across his head
like a headband. And is Henry reading while walking?! Wow!  

You all sang so well! :D

Kavana waving!!! :D

Ralph talking to fans!
Thanks for a great concert, Libera! :D


  1. I agree with you, Lexi. The photos are great indeed. Thanks for sharing, Jimmy from Japan :D

  2. Yes, indeed! A wonderful evening, in spite of the heat. Everyone seemed to enjoy the concert, albeit in a sauna. These pictures are great. Thanks, Jimmy and Lexi! Of course, thanks again to Libera for the lovely music. The boys are demonstrating that apart from their singing, there are other ways in which they show their dedication to their organization on this tour, meeting with supporters after a church service or concert, helping with the housekeeping., etc. Sometimes it's the little things, as shown here, waving to supporters as they leave the venue. It's heartwarming to see this level of commitment in young people. They do not appear to take the support that they get for granted.