Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Libera on Compilation CD's

Fan de LoK, our friend from France, has been keeping track of the many CD's that have included Libera songs on them. That list has now reached 100!

I think the CD covers look like a beautiful piece of artwork!

These are not Libera's own CD's, but CD's of multiple artists that include songs by Libera. They are released by record companies in the UK, USA, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Belgium, India, France, Germany, etc. If you want to see the details of any of the CD's, you can go to the Libera-Dreams forum here and click on that CD.

Here's what Fan de LoK wrote to me about this:

The start :
I started to collect compilations as a game, to see Libera's fame through the diversity of compilation CDs I may find. As I like to search the Internet, the game is now like a quest.
My goal is to seek for unknown compilation CDs. It's not to do a complete Libera discography, there are already sites that do that extremely well, like BCSD, but often the minor compilations are all not listed on these sites.

So this compilation list was something interesting for me to do, for the fun of searching, the pleasure of finding, and the utility to do a list that was not yet existing, as far as I know.

Compilation Criteria :
To add a compilation to the list, it must be :
+ A physical CD containing a least 1 song that Libera has published on its own CDs (or CDs from St Philip Boys Choir).

Are not included in the compilation lists :
- The official Libera CDs (or St Philip's Boys Choir CDs)
- Libera contributions to original works, such as film music (Hannibal, The Greatest Miracle, etc.) unless Libera published a song on its own CD, as was the case for "Song of Life" by example.
- Libera participation with other artist's or group's CDs, such as the Nutcracker, the backing of Aled Jones, etc., because again it's not songs released on Libera's official CDs.
- MP3 compilations. (Must be a physical CD).

Search Method :
Research methods are quite simple: Google, with keywords like "Libera" "Compilation" "various artists","St Philip's Boys Choir", "Prizeman"as well as translations in Japanese or Korean.
When I find an online store that offers compilations, I use the search features of the site itself, but often it's too limited because the research deals only with the CDs title. In that case I go through Google, using the command "site:”.
When I find a compilation, it is necessary to find a site that provides information as : an image of acceptable quality, the name of the CD and the release date, the label and if possible the reference. It’s also needed to have a clearly visible proof of the presence of the Libera song on the CD. And finally I look for a site that may allow listening samples online.

When I have a possible reference of a compilation or an image that is too small, I use a lot the new Google Image search feature, where we give the URL of an image as model, and Google will look for the same image on other sites.
This allows often bouncing from site to site and finding other merchant sites having other compilations.

In the compilation list, I added a few CDs that are normally off-trade, such as the EMI "Sound Sampler", or high quality CDs for audiophile. These CDs are distributed only to professionals and are not in stores. However it is possible to find them on specialized sites and or on Ebay, so I joined them to the list because anyone can buy them, and they are a reflection of Libera's fame.

So if you think you know of another compilation CD that includes a Libera song or songs, join Libera-Dreams and post your find! I'm thinking there may be some CD's from Taiwan or China that we've missed. :D


  1. Hi Lexi. There are some cd's from Taiwan and China. Here's one from Taiwan. See my post here:


    And you can also see what is Libera in chinese too :)

  2. Thank you very much for this article Lauren and Lexi :D

    I encourage anyone that may find a new compilation having Libera, to come to Libera Dreams and post the information on the topic mentioned by Lexi :)
    Thank you :)