Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chatham Concert

The lights sparkled so beautifully against the organ pipes!

Best concert so far! Wow! Wow! Wow!!!! I dare Libera to do any better than they did last night. They were AMAZING. The venue was great, the church people were all super nice, and the boys just keep getting better and better.

There were about 500 people there. The church has a nice slope to it so there are no bad seats. Mr. Prizeman was on the left, but it was so cool how Simon and Steven were up on one front balcony and the string quartet was on another balcony. Have to say it let us hear the boys' voices really well.

String quartet on top right balcony

Simon & Steven on top left balcony

Ralph and Stefan are better (YAY!), and they both did absolutely phenomenal on their parts. It sounds like Luke and Freddie are now starting to get the cough, but Luke sounded great. He has such a nice voice! Freddie did the best ever on Always With You. The clapping for him and Jakob went on forever! And the crowd loved Sanctus so much that everyone that wanted to buy a CD, wanted to make sure it had Sanctus on it.

I really loved this concert especially because someone (other people said it was Jonathan) was singing the low parts out nice and loudly. Not too much over the melody, mind you, but it was hear-able. I loved that! Keep it up if that is you Jonathan! Or Liam. Or Tiarnan. Or Alex. The low voices have some really cool parts!

Mini James is adorable in Love and Mercy! Gosh, I love his voice! I did notice that Ben is still singing pretty high. On Exultate he comes in in the unison part with Stefan and a few of the other boys and is still hitting all those notes.

Another boy who amazed me was Kavana! That kid has a crazy range! In the Fountain he sings the regular melody line at first and then keeps going behind Ralph, but then he just jumps that octave and starts singing above Ralph. It didn't hit me until tonight that that was him. It's so effortless!

Something was just so perfect about tonight. Every song went so well! My mom cried on both Gloria and Stay With Me. That Daniel is the smiley-est thing! :) And he sings sooo well!

Libera fans...start watching for Barney. That kid sings like Tom, high, effortless, and he just does it for fun! Jude is also adorable. I love watching him sing. He's so determined to do it right! :) Great job to all the boys!

Great to meet Tim, the hockey player from Michigan, after the concert. He just found Libera 6 months ago and went to 2 Canada concerts! :)

Now we and Libera have two days off for fun! Can't wait to hear them Friday night at Hamilton! No pics of boys cause we have video. I need my dad to upload it from camera first before I can put it on YouTube. Stay tuned...

Moose, the mascot, on stage

Moose getting his close-up! Thanks to Paul for the great picture! :)


  1. thank you Lexi! love your review! I was like "wow wow hwaaaoo" whole time reading yours. it's really happy to hear ('see' rather lol) Ben is still singing pretty high. specially "pretty high" part. and also about the other boys too! :D thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Lexi,
    It was very nice to meet you as well. I think I remember you sitting right across the isle from me at the London concert.

    I made it home about 12:15am (helps not getting lost...twice - like I did on the way there, ha).

    It was nice to see them for the brief moment when the walked by. They are so much smaller up close, haha.

  3. great great review.Thank you :) I really impressed with your review!! and I understand why your mother cried in front of them T_T and Barnney..yeah he so lovely n cute!! I wonder how he'll grow up in Libera.