Monday, April 4, 2011

Spread the Word!

Libera just posted to their website here

"As our first tour to Canada approaches we have been working hard to prepare the show that we will be performing in 7 exciting venues in Ontario. We hope that all our fans in Canada know about the tour and have managed to get tickets, but if you know anyone in Canada who might not have heard that Libera is visiting perhaps you could let them know - we'd hate anyone to miss out just because they didn't hear in time."

This is soooo weird!!! I promise I'm not writing the copy for their site. Less than 1 hour ago I posted on Facebook - 

"Libera is touring Ontario, Canada April 14-24! If you know anyone from Ontario, Michigan, upstate New York please forward this to them. Would hate for them to not know about it and miss it! :D" And I attached the poster with all 7 concerts.

So spread the word to everyone you know, especially to people in Canada. I forwarded Libera's posting, too, cause it's better. It has more pictures!!! lol. (Just click on the links at the bottom for facebook or twitter.) And they have lots of new pictures from the Epsom concert, too!!! :D Click here to see more and forward their posting!

Love the colors! Can't wait for Canada!!!!


  1. In my opinion you should better respect Libera and not spoil ALL their photos on your blog.

    You better publish ONE photo and leave a link to their site for the others.

  2. Great idea! This gets everyone to go to the website and forward the posting! Thanks! :D

  3. Great pictures :) Love them♥♥

  4. hi lexi! on the contrary, with apologies to anonymous, i appreciate all photos on this site to save on going to libera's site although i go visit them once in a while - well, lexi can post all photos while we can also go to libera's site anytime we want to. both sites are of great help to libera fans, anyway.

    by the way, is this photo a "practice session"? if so, i don't see josh anymore and that's sad. would that mean he's not included in the canada tour anymore?

  5. Love the new photos too! I thought the first one was some concert in 2010 but later I recognized it was the main hall of St. Philip's! They were rehearsing in front of the high altar.
    The second photo reminded me of the great concert and the small playhouse at Epsom. :P I do believe Libera's concerts work better in cathedrals. :D