Friday, April 15, 2011

Toronto St. Michael's Concert

My mom and I are sitting in the airport waiting to fly to London, Ontario, Canada! The first Libera concert was last night. Here's how Fan de LoK says it went.

First, the good news is that Stefan's voice is fine. Better than fine. Incredible! :) He was just sick at Epsom. Whew! Glad to hear that!

There were about 700 in attendance. The entire center of the cathedral was full and the front half of the sides beyond the pillars. The same 23 boys that sang at Epsom were there. The song list was the same, just a slight order change. The programs are very nice, rather like the Atlanta concert's quality, and they will probably be the same for all 7 concerts. The front says "Libera Live in Canada, 2011 Concert Tour."

There was a little difficulty with the sound system at the beginning of the concert. Some of their mics weren't working quite right. Otherwise great.

Freddie and Cassius were the first to speak. Freddie greeted everyone in English, and Cassius greeted them in French! That was so nice, because so many people in Canada speak French! :) Then they presented their "Moose" mascot. It's a little stuffed animal they've had for several years, and Callum placed him on the floor in front of a microphone. lol

Barney was also one of the speakers, and he has excellent diction. Fan de LoK described him as "a natural orator!" He was also very funny! :) I can't wait to hear him!

Mr. Prizeman made some small modifications to "When a Knight Won His Spurs," and it's even
better. They ended with "How Shall I Sing That Majesty" and got a standing ovation. The encore was a short portion of "Exultate."

There were albums for sale, but no mini-album "Miracle of Life." Oh, you lucky Japanese fans! lol. There was no Meet & Greet and no photo session. Yikes! I hope they have one sometime during the next concerts.

There's an article about Libera in the Toronto Star Newspaper. You can read it at

And my Nationals competition went really well! We got 3rd place in Choral Group and 2nd place in Handbell Choir! Woo-hoo!!!!! :D

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