Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hamilton Concert

West Highland Baptist Church in Hamilton

The concert in Hamilton was sold out! There were about 850 people in attendance. The church let the people with Premium seats enter 10 minutes ahead of time to get their seats in the front 4 rows on the main floor and front 3 rows in the balcony. It was nice to meet Rebekah from Texas and her aunt and uncle, Mariella from Brazil, Laurenz from Austria, and see Todd from California again with his mom from Arizona!

Front stage of church

Mr. Prizeman was on the left side

The string quartet, Steven and Simon were on the right

This was a great concert! And it had a GREAT audience! They laughed and applauded for everything that the boys said. Some of the boys had to pause in what they were saying to wait for the applause to die down! There was a really enthusiastic reaction to everything Libera did. They even sold out of the Eternal Light CD and the Leiden DVD! There are lots of new Libera fans! :)

Everyone sang so well tonight, but there were a few solos that really stood out to me. Freddie did the best job ever on "Always With You." Matthew R-A did the best ever on "Salva" as well. And I think Daniel also did the best yet on "Stay With Me." He's such a happy boy! He never fails to smile! :)

The more I hear "Lamentione," the more I love it. It is really neat because there are nine boys that sing the main melody while the other boys sing the “Ahhs” behind them, but the nine boys sound like one voice! If your eyes were closed you’d think it was a solo!

Liam’s speech was so funny! When he talked about being fifteen years old and being in the choir since he was eight, everyone started to applaude! The look on Liam’s face was priceless! He made a face as if to say “I know, it IS impressive!”

I just noticed tonight that on "Song of Life," it is Daniel singing the REALLY high part behind Ralph! It’s crazy high and spot on pitch! Amazing! This is why it’s great to go to more than one concert! You notice things that you may not have noticed before (like Kavana and Daniel singing so high on those songs!)

I noticed while Ralph was singing "The Fountain," how appropriate it was that there was a cross in the church right above him. The cross in this church is empty though, because Jesus isn't there anymore. Tomorrow is Easter when we celebrate God sending His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins and rise from the dead! Happy Resurrection Day everyone! :D

Daniel giving the thumbs-up!

The lights are going back down!


  1. Thank you for all the pictures and the reports. They are filled with so much love ans while reading it, i can feel the atmosphere.
    Today we have the great luck to see an half an hour documentation about Libera in german television (ok, it comes from Austria).
    The Series ist titled "Masterpieces" which comes weekly on "ServusTV" and the title this week is "Angelvoices - The Boyschoir Libera"

  2. Thanks Lexi! Your blog as been valuable source of information on Libera's tour of Canada. With so few pictures and videos coming out of the tour, your pictures are great too. Thanks for expressing how positive the sell out crowd was to the boys. I bet they feed off that and give it their all during concerts.

  3. That was a totally awesome report. I would like to thank you for taking the time to write all this down so we, who were not there, could get a better idea of what it was really like. Regarding the lack of photographs being put on the site,as far as I understand the situation, it's because of Libera's stipulation of "no photographs" that has stopeed people from uploading them onto their site. For me personally, I feel this is a sad situation as I'm sure there are some very good photographs that were taken but they will only be for the person who took them and not for the rest of us. You might say a great memory for them, of a wonderful evening with Libera on this their very first Canadian concert tour. But, for those of you who were not as fortunate to be able to see them "live" you will never really understand what one of these concerts looks like and I know many of the photos would help you understand what a "live" concert is really like. I believe putting the photographs up on the site could show people what they are missing and when Libera visits their country and/or city this would inspire them to not miss a "live" concert. Just my thoughts thinking out loud.
    One of the things I really enjoyed reading about was how many of the venues SOLD OUT. Well done people of Ontario and those of you that came from far and wide to attend at least one of these historic concerts.

  4. hi lexi. my greetings of a happy easter to you and your mom come 2 days late! sorry for that. it has been a nerve-wracking holy week for me. well, my blog says it all. but i'm pretty much moving on now.

    your review of hamilton is so exciting! this was the last concert, i suppose? did you know when they flew back to london? i noticed sammy moriarty is growing fast, too!

    i won't say much as i agree with what ian w. said. many thanks again, lexi. there's no doubt that you really enjoyed all the libera concerts.

  5. Hi again Lexi! Great reviw! I really enjoyed meeting you and your mom! Ya'll are both super nice! :D The concert sure was amazing! Hopefully we'll all be at another one soon!

  6. Sorry for belated reply. but your review is aswome!!great great :) so reality. It seems to have been I was in there, Thankyou review and photos~

  7. Hi, mawi! That's so cool that there was a TV show on all about Libera. Wish we could all see it. :)

    Thanks everyone. Glad you liked the reviews. I know how it feels to wish you could be at a concert but can't, so you read everything hoping to hear all the details. I think the pics are OK as long as they aren't taken during the concert. That would bother the boys and the audience around you. There were some people at the concerts who took flash pictures during the concerts. Not cool. Reviews and pics make you feel like you were there...well, a little bit. :)

  8. I really like Daniel's thumbs up and Cassius's wave (both hands teehee)