Sunday, April 17, 2011

Libera Blog About Canada Part 1

Libera has started writing a blog about their Canada tour! You can read it here.

Libera seems to be eating pretty well here in Canada, with buffets, huge breakfasts, and ice cream. One of my friends from Chicago who is a huge hockey fan was telling me about the ice hockey museum. How neat that Libera got to go there! Leave it to Kavana to think of a question when no one else could. That kid is so outgoing! I wonder if the kids liked "Hop." I haven't heard much about it, but it seems pretty cute. Lol, love how it's "Not London, England, that would have been the shortest tour, and also the longest (and wettest) coach journey." I had the same experience as the Libera boys when we reached London. It looked so warm, but it was so cold! Can't wait to hear more from them! Whoever is doing the writing is very good at it! :)

The Filipino restaurant we ate at last night was Max's. It was incredible! I was so full! I didn't get a picture of the fried chicken or desserts (too happy eating), but here's some of the food.

Potato bacon soup - yum!

Egg rolls of some sort

Really good beef

Garlic Rice

We also had plain rice, egg noodles with shrimp & vegetables, a spicy tofu (I tried it!), halo-halo dessert and buko pandan dessert. I want to go eat there again tonight!


  1. hello lexi!! okay, it's max's. did you know that the main restaurant of max's is just a short walk away from my house? that's where max's started decades back. this was where my daughter's reception for her baptism was held and so was her 1st birthday celebrated. max's has been an all-time favorite. their chicken is best. the fried spring rolls you have there is "lumpia shanghai" as we call it here. the beef with onions is "bistek tagalog" and the buco pandan is always a favorite. the garlic rice you had is called "sinangag" here. their noodles are good. you should have tried "lumpia sariwa" or fresh springroll (this one is not fried, it has vegetable stuffings inside). ahhh, food oh glorious food!!! but i'm glad you liked our filipino cuisine.

  2. Hi Mrs Guzman! Max's was so good I want to go back! Thank you for helping me with the names of the food. It was all so good! Maybe I'll get to eat at one in the Philippines next! :)

  3. hah hah but there are others as good as max's here. there's "kamayan" because you have to eat with your bare hands (of course spoon & fork are available upon request), their suckling pig (young roasted piglet) is delicious. barrio fiesta is also a good place to eat. i think there are also branches in the US.

    so are you going to see all concerts? will that be until the 24th? it's nice to know the boys are enjoying their canadian trip. but the long hours trip are quite tiring - 3 hours to venue & another 3 hours back to their hotel!

    can't wait for your reviews, pics and vids! take care!

  4. yum :) I love Max's too. I'm a korean girl staying in Philippines, that explains how I was able to get going to see Libera last year in Manila. When you come to the Philippines on next tour, let me know your coming huh? :)
    I'm really enjoying your concert reviews, thanks!

  5. Thank you BOMNAL! You're lucky you get to eat this food all the time! I'll be sure to let everyone know if I get to go to the Philippines! :)