Friday, April 8, 2011

"Miracle of Life" TV Show

If you go to the website for the NHK drama "Miracle of Life," you can hear the first 1:07 of "Song of Life." The more I hear, the more I love this song! Click here and smile. Thank you to Jimmy Riddle for the link. :)

Ooh, just found the full lyrics in English AND Japanese here. We already had them in English, but it's nice to have them in Japanese too! 


  1. Hi Lexi. I love the song too. Maybe after my maths test, I could play that song on my piano. And love the website too :)

  2. Yes! Me too me too! Everytime I hear it, I just love the song AND RALPH more and more!!! :) can't wait to hear the full song!

    -someone from singapore