Friday, April 22, 2011

Interviews with Robert Prizeman

Mr. Prizeman did an interview with Salt+Light Radio. You can listen to it here. Thank you to Inna for uploading it to YouTube! He explains that this is the first time Libera has come to Canada because of the cost of touring. But everyone has been so great promoting or sponsoring the concerts.

He and Kavana also did an interview with CBC Radio. You can listen to it here. Hopefully someone will upload it to YouTube also before it gets deleted. Mr. Prizeman says that he started Libera to share their kind of music with others. He says that the youngest ones on tour are age 9, not 8!

Kavana is an excellent speaker. He said he is 12 and has been in the choir for about 5 years. He thanked his school choir teacher for introducing him to Libera. His favorite part of Libera is the harmonies. "It's a hobby, really." His first major appearance was at the papal mass in NYC in 2008. He just missed getting to sing for the US president. Kavana likes Justin Bieber's music but is not a fan, but he loves Glee! lol Great interview! :)

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