Saturday, April 16, 2011

London Canada Concert

Well, as some of my Libera friends were telling me during intermission, it won’t be hard to write a good review of this concert. It was AWESOME! But let me start at the beginning.

This is the church from our hotel room. :) When we got there some of the other fans we know were there like Fan de LoK, Tom, Paul, Viabuona, Francois, Kent, Lala, Yuki and her mom. And we got to meet a new friend, Min-Yung from South Korea. She's maybe a year older than me and loves Libera, too. She travelled all by herself to go to her first Libera concert! Her parents gave her the trip for a birthday present! :) We got to wait inside the church back lobby and had so much fun talking to everyone. The church was nearly full. We saw lots of little kids, too. My mom talked to everyone, and most are in choirs also. They were very excited to see Libera.

Front of church - piano on left, string quartet in center,
Steven on keyboards & Simon on percussion on left.

Good crowd! You can see pipe organ up in the balcony.

This is my 3rd Libera concert, and I think this one was completely flawless. The concert had an awesome start with Jubilate into Libera. I always get goosebumps in that transition when they suddenly hit that high note of "Libera!" Freddie and Cassius were so adorable doing their speech! Loved them introducing their "Moose" mascot! They are just so cute!!! The audience really like all the speeches.

I loved hearing Stefan singing live on Eternal Light. He was amazing on all his solos! Sean, the man in charge of the Canada tour, was telling us that some of the boys have throat infections right now, but I can’t believe they can still sing so well! Ralph had a little bit of a cough, but sang all his solos perfectly! Daniel seemed to be watching Ralph as if he was supposed to jump in and assist Ralph if Ralph couldn't do it, but Daniel didn't have to thankfully. :)

Kavana's speech was great. He's always fun to watch singing or speaking. Freddie was really good singing Always With You along with Jakob on the high notes. Wow, Jakob, wow! Mini James did an awesome job on Love and Mercy. The high notes by Matthew R-A on Salva were great! So many of them can hit those crystal-clear high notes so flawlessly.

I loved Barney’s speech. He's a funny kid! He introduced all the instrumentalists. It was especially funny when he gave Mr. Prizeman a hard time about switching between piano and keyboard a lot. He put his hands on his hips and said, “He really needs to make up his mind!” lol.

Lamentione was really cool! They all faced Mr. Prizeman, half down on their knees and half with their hoods up. With their great singing and the cool lighting, the crowd seemed mesmerized! Exultate was a great way to go to intermission! I can’t believe how high that last note is!

After intermission they have another awesome transition song, from Mysterium to Gloria. Love when the lights go up bright! After Ralph sang The Fountain perfectly, we saw Kavana knuckle-punch Ralph a good job! :D The boys did lots of patting each other on the back when they did well.

There were a few songs that they arranged differently. The one I really loved was When a Knight. It was so cool! They completely changed it up! There were some others that were a little different, but they were a good different. Daniel was AMAZING on Stay With Me!!! Wow!!!

Liam’s speech was perfect (of course) even though he had a siren blaring outside during the beginning of it. He did the speech talking about how exciting it was to become one of the big boys. He said he was fifteen and he had been singing since he was eight and everyone started clapping. :) He talked about how it was fun to learn new parts and harmonies to all of the songs. His voice is so deep now. :)

Carlos sang the solo on Ave Verum! Woo-hoo! What a great singer! Loved it! Keep it up, Carlos! We got to hear "Song of Life!" Ralph did an amazing job! One of my new favorites! Mini James was GREAT on Going Home! His voice is strong but mellow like Josh's, and the whole crowd let out an “awww” after his last “I’m just going home.” Jude was so cute on his speech. His eyes were wide and blinking in the bright lights as he thanked everyone for coming. And of course, How Shall I Sing is always an amazing way to end. Encore was the end of Exultate. Standing ovation!!!!

There was no Meet & Greet last night because of the boys that are sick, but hopefully they will be able to have one at the next concert after they rest today. We did get to see them as they left the church and tell them they did a great job! We were too speechless to take any pictures or video. lol. You should have seen Min-Yung's face! :D

We're going to a Filipino restaurant tonight with some of the other Libera fans! Should be fun! Will let you know how tomorrow night's concert goes! :D

After the last standing ovation! Love this one cause lots of them are smiling!

Henry, Cassius, Jude, mini James, Alex, Kavana, Daniel, Tiarnan,
Stefan, Ralph, Ben, Jonathan, Luke, Liam, Eoghan, Sammy, Jakob,
Matthew R-A, Matthey J, Carlos, Freddie, Barney and Dylan.


  1. Hey! You can see me in your first picture of the crowd. I'm in the orange shirt about 5 rows back. I agree with most of your review, but I thought Stefan didn't have his normal voice. It didn't seem as strong as normal - maybe the cold was affecting him. Other than that it was amazing!

  2. Hi Lexi. Great review. Thanks for sharing. I bet your friends are happy to see you and your mom there. Did you get to talk to them after the concert?
    And can I borrow some of your pictures?

  3. Thank you so much for the amazing review, Lexi! It sounds like ya'll all had a fantastic time! I'm really glad the concert went so well. :) Can't wait to read the rest of your reviews! See you on Friday :)

  4. wow, that's a very quick review!!! and pretty exciting, too. thanks for this, lexi. and i'm just glad that you have met up with lala and the other libera fans. please say hello to lala from me if you're still together around this time. the smaller boys are taking the spotlight this time. well, it won't be long they'll soon be like their older brothers. and how was your trip to the filipino restaurant? how was the food? thanks, you're into filipino food!! is this the only concert you'll attend or will you still be watching the other concerts? well, enjoy then. my regards to your mom, too. take care the 2 of you.

  5. Great review. Thank you! :D really enjoyed reading it. Wish I was there too :(

  6. oh... Barney XD It's good detail review!! Thankyou. I'm so envious of you.
    may I take a scrap about this? I'll indicate source

  7. thank you for this!!!

  8. Sorry I'm late writing back! You can always copy pictures, just list who took them. Sometimes they aren't mine. :)

    Hi, Tim and Rebecca! Glad I got to see you both! :D