Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chatham Pictures

The video we took from Chatham is only 22 seconds long, so we took screen captures of the video first. These are nice and clear. Maybe we should do this all the time! I'm putting up 8 cause you can see different kids as Mr. Prizeman moves across the stage. It all went by so quickly. The end will be a surprise to see later. ;)


  1. hi lexi! awww. so adorable boys they are!! cassius, mini james, ralph skan, kavana, stefan and the rest. there are 2 news boys i saw, who are they? thanks again. can't wait for your surprise.

  2. wow! You took a picture of Libera!!!
    great photos XD!! Mr. Prizman like a model working~ Thankyou for the picture :)
    If you go to the hamilton or Guelph concert?

  3. love how kavana is waving up to the side balconies to acknowledge the fans up there aswell. You see the Libera boys are so accommodating, so why have officials hidden them away from meet and greets/cd signings?

  4. Hi, Mrs. Guzman! Eoghan is in front of Liam. Dylan and Barney are right of Freddie. Are any of those who you mean? :)

    And yes, my mom says Mr. Prizeman is handsome. :) And Kavana is always so nice. No Meet & Greets at all. Not sure why. At first some were sick and sleepy and the drive back to Toronto was very far. I hope they don't stop having them forever. >:/