Monday, April 18, 2011

Toronto Islington Concert

Steven & string quartet on left, Simon w/percussion top right,
Mr. Prizeman & piano on right

Well, yet another concert done, and the boys are still going strong! We got to the church at Islington at about 5:00 pm. It was very cold and just starting to snow. Once the doors opened the line began to go very quickly. We knew that the concert was sold out, but I have never seen so many people packed into such a small space before! What really amazed me was that about 25 people showed up to buy tickets for a concert that they knew was sold out! They're braver than I would have been! So happy we managed to squeeze all of them in!

You can see there's a balcony, too!

They added a row of chairs next to each pew!

We got to see a lot of old friends at this concert including Jimmy and Yumiko from Japan and Nikki from Texas! We got to meet Zach who works on their website. And we also got to meet Stefan's parents! They are very nice, and were very excited to see Stefan perform in another country! Ralph and Stefan still have coughs, but both of them still sang their solos perfectly! Good for them!

I got to sit next to a mom and her 6-year-old son from the area who have been Libera fans for about a year. The mother likes to play Libera music for him. He told me his name is Nicholas. He had his stuffed penguin with him and made it clap after every song. :) They had to leave at intermission on account of his being so young and it being so late, but I did see that they bought a CD and a DVD before they left! Always so nice to meet new fans!

Freddie switched his second speech around a bit, bringing Cassius up there with him when he talked about their break and drinking their "orange squash." But this time he mentioned how big the hoods on the robes were, pulling Cassius's all the way down so it covered up his entire face! It was so funny the way Cassius stayed in the middle of the stage after Freddie was done, turned his head side to side to show he couldn't see then scurried back to his spot. When the lights went down to start the next song, Mini James nicely fixed Cassius's hood in the back. He's such a doll!

For Exultate the stage was a little bit narrow so they didn't have enough room to jump forward and backward like they usually do. :) Stefan does a really great job on Exultate, but I really miss Ben singing it.  :'(  Oh well, they all have to grow up someday...(yeah, I know I'm only 17) lol.

We knew that Jonathan was the oldest, but we found out that one of the newbies, either Jude or Eoghan is the youngest at age 7 or 8...I can't remember which. Speaking of growing up...Alex is so tall! He's getting taller every day! I feel like by the time the tour is over his head is going to be through the roof! :D lol. Jakob is also getting really tall! Another of our soloists that has grown up is Sammy! He's gotten really tall and is now often in the back row singing with the older boys! Voice change alert! :)

After the concert the boys went back to the back and ate (as my very hungry stomach was telling my nose) fried chicken for dinner. Ugh! It smelled sooo good! Well, at least they're treating them right here in Canada! lol! I'll write about Kitchener next! :)

But first, some more photos!!!

During the last standing ovation


  1. oh wow, and i like sammy moriarty, too!!! yes, i noticed he's grown taller & quite thin (?). but i would love to hear cassius do a solo someday. it's sad to see the older boys leave the group - jonathan, alex, sam and liam could be next. how sweet of stefan's parents watch their boy perform. i love to see parents supporting their children esp on major performances.

    wow lexi, that's wonderful of you doing a review of their concerts - we don't have to wait for long. thank you very much. did you know that i go visit your site first before facebook? hah hah i'm very excited to know what went on, who are the personalities, people you met, etc.

    till your next review!! take care.

  2. Thank you, Mrs. Guzman! :D