Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kitchener Concert

Kitchener!!! This theater was so awesome!!! We stopped by earlier to get our tickets and got to see inside. It had a nice big stage for the boys to move around on, it had good acoustics, it had a big screen and projector like they used in Epsom, and it even had a fog machine!

There was a crowd of about 750 people, many of whom had heard about the concert on radio ads and at their churches. So great to have new fans! Two young girls asked my mom where Josh was. So sad that he's not here. We were happy to see Leslie again and meet Charles who sat next to us.

Sean on organ, Simon & Steven on the left

String quartet in the center, Mr. Prizeman & piano on right

Remember I said that Alex was getting taller every day...well, tonight they switched the tallest-to-shortest line-up so that Alex could stand closer to Jonathan. :) Maybe he'll be in the middle soon!

Poor Stefan looked so tired and he kept yawning during the breaks between songs. I was hoping that he would get some sleep during the 25 minute intermission. He's still got that cough too, poor guy. But he still did a really good job despite all of that. As I type this I realize I am getting that same cough. Uh-oh...

For some reason I especially loved Ave Verum tonight. I think it might be because they had enough room to spread out on stage to get that V with Jonathan in the front and center. Great concert over all! Still no Meet & Greet, but that was OK with me tonight, because all of the boys looked so tired! Hope they get to sleep in before Chatham tomorrow. Can't wait!

Oh! P.S. - Hamilton sold out! Yay Libera!!! :D

And here's two newspaper articles about Libera. Click here to read about the Chatham concert. Click here to read about the Guelph concert. I like that the article is called "Superstar Choir Boys Coming To Guelph." But there aren't 9 boys, there are 23. I think he counted the number of boys in the picture. :)

And now more pictures after the concert! 

I love how Cassius has been waving with both hands!


  1. Thanks so much for the review, I won't get to see Libera in this tour since Canada is a little far from my country D:(Mexico)

    I can't imagine Libera without Josh but on the other hand I'm happy to see new faces ;D


  2. Hi Lexi. Thanks so much for your wonderful review. Is that you in the 6th picture? You look pretty :).

  3. wow! so lexi -you're going to all of their concerts? that's record-breaking for a libera fan! but good for us, too since you're very kind in sharing what transpired, complete with pictures! thank you very much. looking forward to your next review. enjoy!

  4. Wow great review! Thankyou for this photo!
    I really envy you!:)

  5. Thank you thank you and thank you! Pictures lovely :D

  6. Hi, Montzie! We all know how it feels to read about a concert and wish we were there. Hopefully you'll get to go to one soon! Thanks for stopping by! :D

    And thanks to all my other friends for stopping by! Someday I'll be reading your reviews of concerts I can't go to, but it helps to hear details and see pictures. :)