Friday, April 22, 2011

Miracle of Life CD

The CD unopened

After we opened it

One of our good friends from Japan named Yuki gave us the new "Miracle of Life" CD!!!!! It was so kind of her and made my mom cry. What a great surprise! "Song of Life" is so beautiful, too! I'm so glad that we got to hear Ralph sing it live!

EMI Japan is reporting that after the first episode of Madonna Verde aired, they were flooded with inquiries about the song and people buying the CD. This song, more than any other, seems to be giving the Japanese people a feeling of hope for the future. EMI Japan has posted some customer comments here.

They have also released an "introductory video" of "Song of Life." It has the words to the song, but most of the scenes are from "Time" and "Deep Peace." You can see it here. I wonder. If Ralph and some of the other boys had gotten to go to Japan before the Canada tour, would they have filmed a new video for "Song of Life" there? Hopefully Libera will still get to do a new video for it soon. Everyone should get to see Ralph sing it!  :D

Song List:

1. Song of Life - solo Ralph Skan
2. Far Away - solo Michael Horncastle
3. You Were There - solo Tom Cully
4. Salva Me - solo Tom Cully
5. Sanctus - solo Ed Day
6. Eternal Light - solo Stefan Leadbeater
7. I Am the Day - solo Ben Crawley
8. Deep Peace - solo Stefan Leadbeater & James Threadgill


  1. Wow, you are so lucky Lexi, good for you! There was something wrong with Amazon Japan and I could not pay for the CD with my bankcard so I had to withdraw the order... But luckily Amazon UK will import the CD and I can purchase it with a much lower price (about £22). The only shortcoming is that I won't get it before May. But it's worth the waiting! :P And I'm sure you are having a great time in Canada and I loved your reviews and photos! :D

  2. Lucky! I really want a copy of the Song of Life. Any idea if/when they will release it here in the U.S.?

  3. your'e so lucky i want to have that album!!!!

  4. Hi, Lucy! Glad you are getting the CD! Yay!!!

    Hi, Tim & khevin. I'll let everyone know if it'll be available in the US. :)

  5. Hi Lexi! Glad you like it!:) Wanted to get their autographs on it though...:P

  6. Hi, Yuki! Thank you so much! Wish we could have gotten their autographs on it also. That would've been perfect!