Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Arundel Concert 2012 Poster

Libera released the poster for their Arundel 2012 concert! It's beautiful and looks a lot like the US 2011 poster except it doesn't have swirly vines on it. :) They didn't even bother to show the premium ticket prices since those 100 tickets sold out in a record 51 minutes!

There's still time to get general admission tickets though. The concert is only 18 days away! It might be even better than the Singapore and Tokyo concerts! Can't wait to find out! 


  1. Hi Lexi, have you seen part 1 of episode 2 of the Loose Moose Show?

  2. Hello Lexi, Where did you find this?? I cannot find it anywhere on the Libera site or Facebook page.