Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Singapore Meet & Greet Video

I finally finished a video of the Singapore Tour. It has videos and pictures from both Meet & Greets with a few surprises. Hope you like it.  ~Lauren


  1. hi lauren! really enjoyed watching your vid - of course it was wonderful again to see the boys esp the new ones but i still can't get over my precious cassius! hah hah now i think isaac is the new "baby" in the group. and wow, how daring you were talking with the boys! but didn't you notice each time your conversation became a bit longer, up come andy and barbara? hah hah, i love these guys! i remember striking a short convo with josh & up came the "man in black" (our own security).

    anyways, it was so nice to see mr. roberto de ocampo again, andy, barbara & eleonor, & that guy in blue shirt - i think his name's michael from germany. i had a pic taken with him at the PICC. did you get to see mr. madine or any of their parents?

    awww, i'm missing libera again. i wish they'd consider another october concert, though.

    thank you for sharing your video & pictures. my best regards to lexi!

  2. Thank you so much for all the work you did to get this video up. It is greatly appreciated. I think that the boys looked like they were enjoying the meet and greet, and they seemed really pleased upon receiving your recognition and compliments.

  3. Thank you Lauren.... What a nice job you did...

    Don C USA