Monday, April 30, 2012

Libera Blogs & Pictures from Japan

Libera's next blog is called "Touchdown in Japan - 11th April." You can read it here. Sorry that their flight wasn't comfortable. Sounds like they tried to sleep overnight on the plane. My mom said the flight from Singapore to Tokyo is about 8 hours long! They were happy to arrive and probably happy to get weather more like what they were used to back home.

Love this group pic with Sakura trees!

After a double breakfast (one on the plane, one at the hotel) with some of them eating fried chicken :D, they went off to sightsee. They also went to the new Sherlock Holmes movie!

Carousel ride at Aqua Stadium amusement park.

The next day they had their first rehearsal. Then off to an amusement park inside an aquarium! Sounds awesome! The author reveals he came here when Libera was in Tokyo before. Only 8 of the boys traveled to Japan in April 2010. So the author must be Henry, Luke, Kavana, Stefan, Cassius, Matthew R-A, Carlos or Ralph. :D

Then they got an open-top bus tour of Tokyo! Apparently the entire tour was in Japanese, so Mr. Prizeman told them what they were seeing. lol.

The next blog called "Joyful Japan" (great name!) can be read here. This author has quite the way with words! Love his "La di da dim sum" and "Le Libera blog!" :D Also love the Narnia references (that's another set of my all-time favorite books/movies)! And we hear more about their messy hotel rooms. lol.

Jude's excellent bowling form!

More bowling, shopping, lunch and another open-top bus tour. Tokyo must be too big to see in one tour! We get a hint that Ralph is not the author of this blog installment, because the author jokes about having to wake him up at the end of the tour.

Eoghan stylin' on the bus tour!

Of course, Eoghan could have been sleeping behind his cool sunglasses and no one would have ever known. ;)

Apparently Mr. Prizeman wasn't there to explain to them what they were seeing, so unless this is a literary reference I don't know about, I'm guessing the boys began using what little Japanese they know to make it up. That's how you get boys imagining a palace is made of sheep's wool mixed with wax and bat droppings. lol.

Tokyo stage

It's so exciting that BOTH Tokyo concerts were SOLD OUT!!! The first concert went really well, and Barney got to entertain the audience with his Japanese!

Now for the awesome pictures! You can see all of Libera's Spring Tour 2012 pictures here. First the beautiful concert shots.

Love this with the green light!

Nano Ben!

This is Matthew Jansen's solo on "I Vow To Thee My Country!"

Cassius with Dylan & Barney on "Stay With Me!"

Stefan - maybe "Greatful Heart?"

Waving at the end of the concert!

Tokyo Meet & Greet!

Looks like a casual moment during rehearsal. You can see
Steven Geraghty & Robert Prizeman in front; Simon Lewis,
someone (Luke Avery or Ben Rentoul) & Jonathan Barrington! 

Ciaran with Matthew R-A on "Dies Irae!"

And next the Tokyo sightseeing pictures!

Beautiful park with Sakura trees & HUGE koi! :D

Group pose with a real Sumo wrestler! :D

Isaac & Dylan at the Tokyo train station.

Glass floor. Is that Tokyo Tower? And fearless
newbies Lucas Wood and Michael Menezes! :D

Congratulations, Libera, on a great Spring tour! Next up is Arundel on Saturday! :D


  1. Love the Post. I cant seem to find an email anywhere to contact you but I was the winner of the Libera cristmas competition. I won the signed poster I wanted to send you pictures of what it looked like and see if you can decipher the signatures even some of the older boys signed it. It has the picture of 14 boys and 27 signatures :)

  2. Hi, J! Sorry I'm late posting. Had to check with my mom. You can e-mail and I'll try to help figure out the signatures. 27 of them is awesome! Maybe we have some of the old ones from 2010 concerts. Will check it out! :D