Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Loose Moose Episode 2: Part 1

So...I know we're a little behind here but Loose Moose Episode 2 is out! :) So here's my review of part 1! If you haven't seen it yet then you must watch! :D

First up is "Gang Signs." It's a local gang lookin' all tough, hangin' out at a park. The accents are awesome but a lot harder for me to understand than their usual British accents. Here are some of the random words we heard in their "rap": boy, rough, gang, gardens, knives, hoodies (I heard hideous), shoes, Diet Coke, potatoes, iPods, elephants, fish fingers, apples, Coke cans, shopping. Yeah, this is quite the rap...lol.

Now coming from a musical school this sketch is my favorite. It consists of Josh - or "Fab (Fav?) (Blad?)" as they call him - listening to some music. But this is not just any music. Oh no, this music was written by the amazing "Beeth-oven." Love their reactions when they're talking about where they've heard him before. The best is the end when they ask when his next album is coming out. :)

Best lines:
Alex: What is up?! What is down?! What is up?! 
Alex again: Not too shabby, not too shabby, not too bad! 
Josh: This guy single-handedly revolutionized the Baroque period into the Classical!
Josh: Drum and bass? This guy's got the viola, figured bass!
All: Beeth-ov-en! Yeah!  Josh: IT'S BEETHOVEN!!!!

Next is "Agent Cody Banks." OK, the best part about this sketch was Jonathan's American accent! It was actually really good! lol. Loose Moose always has the best music, too! Gotta love those spy movies. He's on "Mission Rabbit's Foot" trying to achieve vengeance for America. If only he can shake off those d*** Russian spies! (Keeping it rated G here! lol)

Alex, Liam and Josh look like three little prairie dogs sticking their heads up out of the ground! lol! Love them looking back and forth really fast! They're hiding behind the branch (which I actually didn't see coming) or the time lapse of them all getting out of the garbage can is great.

But acting backwards to pull off jumping up into a tree?!! Epic! :D

And Mission Rabbit's Foot? Well...at least he got the bad guy in the end...uh...oh wait...he just got Sam! In a fedora! :) Oh well, it was for AMERICA! (Pronounced just the way we say it! lol!)

The final sketch, "Andrew-Dora Taylor Cookery Nookery," was just the best! Did you see it's sponsored by the Heavy Breathers Society?! :D Jonathan is hilarious! With his little "Ooohh!" whenever the camera would come around! And his always calling everything "naughty" was just awesome! And he named all his plants! Actually everything he said was funny just because of that voice! :D

Liam was awesome as Pablo. The "HELP" sign on the guitar was hysterical! Made me die laughing!

I'm pretty sure the one egg was all Jonathan's mom was going to let him use... :) And the bit with the alchohol is actually something I've seen them do on cooking shows before. That little "this is not for the cooking, it's for me later," thing. When everything is done cooking he pulls something out of the oven. Thanks to Google, I figured out that's a container of yogurt with fruit! :D I loved how the whole thing was a perfect spoof on those cooking/gardening shows! And "Andrew-Dora Taylor's book is now available outside half-decent bookstores." lol

Keep up the great work, guys! Will try to review Part 2 soon!


  1. Hello Lexi, have you seen Ben Philipp's videos? They could be found under the user name "bhuvaneshben"

  2. Hey I think that it's "hoodies" instead of "hideous" but I'm not sure. I love reading your reviews. Great job!!!

  3. I always enjoy reading your detailed reviews. You are a very talented writer. I was also intrigued by the term being used by the "gang" when addressing Josh. It sounded more like "blad" to me, so, out of curiosity, I looked it up on the urban dictionary website. It is not a "chav" word, but rather, a term attributed to Caribbean origins, that refers to someone as a "friend" or even, "brother", and is also used by other groups of youths in the U.K. That, at least, is what I was able to understand from this website. At any rate, the "gang" jargon was rather comical to hear, coming from these boys. I spoke to each of them briefly in St. Louis, and they are very articulate young people.

  4. Hi, Sarah! Yep! I wrote about "Ben's Day" way back in 2010. http://mini-angels.blogspot.com/2010/08/mini-bens-star.html He's done a bunch of videos since then. Word is a new one is currently being filmed. :)

  5. lol Thanks, Anon! What would I do without you? I really can't understand everything they say. :D

  6. Hi, Leslie! Oh my gosh, another word I didn't catch. Blad?! Thanks! I love their Gang sketches, too! :D