Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Singapore Tour Members

Hello everyone! So yesterday I came home from school to find my mom packing. We dropped her off at the airport at 6:30. Yes everyone, my mom up and went to Singapore! :D Well she's not there yet. She's currently in Hong Kong. But she's on her way to the concerts! Can I just say I'm SO JEALOUS?!!! I have to stay home and do this dumb thing called school. :) So those of you who will be at the two Singapore concerts will get to meet her there! Ask around for Lauren. I'm sure you'll find her.

Well, back here at home I figured I'd give you the current list of members on the tour. We're not sure if this is the whole list or not, since there don't seem to be any low voices included, but I guess we'll find out.

The current list is:

Henry Barrington
Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey
Jude Collins
Luke Collins
Kavana Crossley
Thomas Delgado-Little
Dylan Duffy
Ben Fairman
Matthew Jansen
Stefan Leadbeater
Barney Lindsell
Isaac London
Matthew Madine
Eoghan McCarthy
Oscar McFall (newbie!)
Michael Menezes (newbie!)
Jakub Niedermaier-Reed
Cassius O'Connell-White
Matthew Rangel-Alvares
Carlos Rodriguez
Adrian Sheard (newbie!)
Ralph Skan
Michael Ustynovych-Repa
Lucas Wood (newbie!)

So that's 4 newbies total. Hopefully there will be some big boys. If there aren't then that means that some of our little guys' voices have changed! Well, it's exciting either way. Anyway, wishing safe travel to my mom and anyone else who is making their way to see Libera! Have fun at the concerts everyone! :D


  1. It looks like the older boys stayed home! I wish they had gone on the tour, but this gives the newer boys their own chance for recognition, and to shine brilliantly without any undivided attention!! I'm glad for them! Sing with all your hearts, Libera, and your fans will cherish you with all their hearts! We love you all!

  2. huwhatttttt??? that is soooo unfair, for you not to go! can't you skip school even for just a few days? i know school is important but if you can catch up pretty well with your lessons, would that suffice?

    anyway, who's watching with your mom? oh well, she's just as good as you in taking pictures - which we'll all be looking forward to here in your site.

    i'm sure the group is enjoying the weather & sites of singapore - oh, that will include your mom, of course.

    looking forward to your mom's stories & experience! thanks.

  3. We will stay home and blog. Right Lexi? Lol. Who's gonna cook for next few days? o_O