Thursday, April 5, 2012

Libera Interviews on Singapore Radio & TV

Libera has arrived in Singapore! Kavana, Barney & Jude did an interview on 92.4FM Radio. Thanks to the awesome Jimmy Riddle for putting it on SoundCloud! You can listen to it here. 

First, Kavana is really becoming the leader, isn't he? His speaking voice was always low, but it sounds even lower now. Barney is charming, and Jude comes up with some really funny lines. And are they calling their football "soccer" now? I thought only Americans called it that.

Anyway, we find out that they'll be singing some "new" old songs like Dies Irae and Orinoco Flow. And the bigger boys have left and their parts are being taken over by the younger boys! So that tour member list is really it! Oh, wow! There's a shocker!

So this means that the older boys have left Libera, and the younger ones are taking over their parts. We sure are going to miss Josh, Jonathan, Sam, Alex, Liam, and Ben. Not sure who else has left, but I'm guessing that's why it was OK for the older boys to do the Loose Moose videos now.

Thank you to them for all the beautiful songs you have sung and the time you have spent contributing to Libera in your own special way. We love you and will miss you! :')

Libera also did a really cute interview on a Singapore TV show called AM Live. They interviewed Kavana(13), Cassius (10), Ralph (13) and Isaac (9). You can watch it here.

Ralph's voice is lower now, too, and Isaac has this really cute, high voice! :D We find out that they all started in Libera when they were 7, and Stefan is now the oldest member at 14! The other boys stayed back in England due to school exams. I know how they feel. :(

I like that Isaac made sure to tell all the girls that he' in a boy band. lol That kid cracks me up! Cassius admits that he doesn't get nervous during concerts, cause without his glasses he can't even see the audience. Ralph says his legs shake when he sings. Aw, Ralph, don't be nervous. You always do such a great job!

Isaac is getting his first solo on this tour!!! Yay!!!

And wait for it... they do a little impromptu rap song at the end! Great interview, boys! Can't wait to hear how your shows go!

This is the words for the radio show. Sorry I don't have time to do the TV show now. It's late & I have to go to sleep.

Announcer: The marvelous, angelic voices of Libera. Well, as you know from our promotion last week, Libera is going to be in Singapore to sing for us on the 6th and 7th of April at the Esplanade Theatre. And it's going to be at 8pm. And we're very excited this morning because three of the boys from Libera are in the studio with us this morning. Welcome all of you! On my right is Kavana Crossley.

Kavana: Hello

Man: And that's Barney.

Barney: Hi.

Man: And that's Jude.

Jude: Yay!

Man: Welcome, boys, welcome. You know boys, how does it feel like to be part of a famous boys choir?

Barney: Well, we get to travel all around the world, like we're here at the moment. And we only arrived yesterday, so we're still a bit jet-lagged. But it's amazing that we get to go all over the world and see amazing places.

Kavana: It's like the perfect experience really for something for us to do.

Barney: For some of us who want to travel.

Kavana: Cause we all love singing, and to put it to this extent, it's just really amazing.

Man: Right. Jude, how do you feel about it?

Jude: Uh, I basically feel like what Barney said. I like traveling around the world and meeting loads of different people and singing for them as well.

Man: Mmm, OK. Do you boys live like so-called normal lives, like you know you go to school, you play with friends, and play soccer or something like that? Or do you just spend you days in limousines eating foie gras and caviar?

Kavana: Well that's an odd sight question. We don't even know what foie gras is, I'm sure.

Man: Oh, that's great. You'll learn soon enough.

Kavana: Soon enough.

Barney: We're not all like rich snobs. We're like any other person, it's just like putting your hobby, making it come first. We go to school as normal things. We all do sports stuff, so we're not just singers, we're not like, um, like singing is what we do, but we can also do loads of other things. So it's not just singing.

Kavana: We all have different interests obviously. We all play sport, like Barney plays rugby and stuff.

Man: You play rugby?!

Barney: Yeah.

Man: What about you?

Kavana: I play soccer.

Man: And you?

Jude: Soccer.

Man: Soccer as well?

Kavana: So it's all good, cause really we enjoy the fact that some people think we must be stopped in the street and stuff. But, no. It's just a really good experience.

Man: Let me ask you about that. Do you get stopped in the street?

Jude: No. We get mostly ignored.

Barney: Yeah, it's just a bunch of schoolboys.

Jude: It's just a bunch of schoolboys. Why would we worry about them?

Kavana: But, it's good, because obviously we love singing, and to know that we've got so much support like in so many countries, and also our own families support. It just really helps you when you when you get free ?

Woman: Do you have to practice very hard for your concerts?

Barney: Um, yeah, we have really long Saturday rehearsals which, they're fun but they're tiresome. But it all completely pays off.

Woman: So what is a typical Saturday like? What time do you start?

Barney: About 2:45 to about 7:00.

Jude: About mid-day to

Kavana: Exact times.

Jude: And we finish at early evening.

Kavana: We have a lot of breaks.

Woman: In between the breaks what do you do?

Kavana: We sing!

Man: Even during your breaks?

Kavana: Well, obviously we have to prepare for these things. We can't just go halfway across the world and give a show that's not very good. But we wouldn't call it rehearsals like you'd think - oh, they must be standing up for so long. Cause we all enjoy it. We wouldn't mind singing for 7 hours, because we just love singing.

Man: Mmm. That's right. OK. So besides the traveling, does it tire you out to travel? No? Do you get excited on the plane, like where am I going to land this time round?

Jude: I get excited if there's a crash landing.

Kavana: On the plane.

Man: I hope that doesn't happen!

Barney: There's a massive buzz that you get, not just traveling and getting to go all around the world. But before you go on stage, you feel amazing, cause you're like, oh there's thousands of people waiting.

Kavana: The excitement.

Man: You don't get nervous, do you?

Kavana: Well, some of us do. I mean, some of the boys it's their first concert's way. But it's like their thinking through it, and they always do fine. And after that, you're always looking forward to shows. You're looking forward to making people happy with what you sing, and it's really good.

Man: Last year you went to the Philippines, and they gave you a standing ovation. I read about that. How did that feel? I mean, you know, after singing for people and they show their appreciation in that way, it makes you feel really, really good.

Kavana: Really good.

Jude: And it makes us feel like we can do this again any time, because they've given us loads of support.

Kavana: All the hard work has paid off immediately. I mean, it's just that, aaah, you know, like they enjoy it, and so you're really happy for them, and you're happy that you've given a good performance as well.

Man: So are any of you thinking of a singing career, you know like you start from here, and then when you go on you become, you know, soloists in your own right.

Jude: Yeah, um, because music's a bit of our thing. It's something we're probably all going to do extremely well with.

Man: You've got a good start.

Kavana: It puts us in the right step forward. It shows you, oh well, his music, media, stuff like this is really good. And it obviously will put your career in obviously the musical path. If you enjoy this so much, then why not continue it for the rest of your life?

Man: Right.

Kavana: I think it's what most of us will do.

Man: Right. And you guys, obviously you listen to pop music as well, I hope.

Barney: Yeah, we also have different tastes in music.

Man: Oh, really?!

Barney: We all love what we're singing as well.

Kavana: We love classical music as well.

Man: Is that your favorite music?

Judy: When you join Libera, you suddenly have a taste for classical music, because then you get to see and get excited to hear all the different instruments.

Kavana: In England, we travel around and sing in many churches, and obviously they have different classical music for us to sing. And it's good, cause not only do you get to like pop music, but there's also another side of music which is completely different. And it's good to just get the range.

Man: Right. So what would be some of the music that's on your iPod right now?

Barney: We all have completely different tastes.

Kavana: Completely different music.

Man: Let's talk about Kavana's choice.

Kavana: Um, I listen to a lot of pop music. Rock music as well. I quite like that. There's so many different answers, I couldn't go through them right now.

Man: Right. What about you, Barney?

Barney: I'm quite into solo artists, so I like people like Adele or lots of different styles of music, so I don't really mind. I have such a different range of music on my iPod.

Man: And Jude?

Jude: Ah, I mostly have rock and solo careers like Adele and all that. But I also listen to rock like some people like Muse and Coldplay.

Man: Oh, really? Coldplay. I like Coldplay.

Kavana: We all love Coldplay.

Man: So how are you guys going to approach this concert in Singapore? What are you going to do on stage? We're all very excited about your 2 performances here, so you've got to give us a little taste of what's going to happen on stage.

Barney: Well, we've all got announcements, so it will be about introducing ourselves, and so we'll be telling everyone about where we're from, just about Libera as a choir.

Kavana: We call it "the full monty," cause there's lighting.

Man: The full monty.

Kavana: The full monty, cause there's lighting, stage positions, and it's just really exciting.

Man: Is there choreography going on?

Barney: Yes.

Kavana: It's really, really good to see as well as hear. So we do recommend that you come.

Jude: We also have instruments. We have clarinets. We have a drummer. And we also have a mini type of orchestra.

Kavana: It just adds to the whole experience really. So we do recommend that you come along, anyone who's listening.

Woman: What's your favorite part of the concert?

Jude: And bring a recorder.

Man: Bring a recorder?

Kavana: A recorder.

Jude: You know, that you record with. Electronic.

Man: I don't think you're aloud to do that. With a video camera. With a hand phone. Someone would post it on YouTube making it viral.

Woman: So what's your favorite part of the concert that you've prepared for the audience?

Barney: We've got lots of new songs coming up. One's that we haven't sung in a while.

Kavana: So you've got that to look forward to. Dies Irie.

Barney: Yeah, we've got Dies Irae, Orinoco Flow. So lots of old ones, but we've kind of changed them quite a lot now. We've got younger boys singing the different parts. As we used to have lots of people who are now senior, who are quite like 18, 17 now. And so slowly the mini boys are starting to take over their role and becoming professionals.

Kavana: Different view on things.

Man: Well, we're looking forward to it, really.

Kavana: So are we.

Man: The boys from Libera. That's Kavana, Barney and Jude Collins. In case you don't know already, Libera's going to be singing at the Esplanade Theatre on the 6th and 7th of April at 8 nightly. And it's going to be at the Esplanade Theatre. You can get your tickets from Sistic. Call this number - 6348-5555. Angel Voices, Libera In Concert. Boys, thank you so much. All the best.

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