Monday, April 30, 2012

Libera Blogs & Pictures from Singapore

I'm so behind on postings! I am swamped with school stuff for my senior year, took the ACT test, had my last piano recital on Friday and was a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding on Saturday. You know all the stuff that goes on with weddings and family... Now, before my final exams, senior trip and graduation hit, let's go back and relive the fun of Singapore.

The first blog written by one of the boys is called "Shiny Singapore." You can read it here.

This sounds like it was an exciting day! Breakfast sounds interesting although I have no idea what any of those exotic foods were. I probably would have been like the boys, sticking to the stuff I know.

Singapore Toy Museum

The toy museum sounds AWESOME! Definitely on my to-do list if I ever get to go! I also want to see the Darth Maul statue! (I love Star Wars.) :)

View of ArtScience Museum (white building) and Marina 
Bay Sands Hotel (tall building) from Esplanade Theatre.

Glad they enjoyed their time at the concerts and were excited to keep going!

The next blog is called "Going To Japan." You can read it here. These blogs are really well written. Did I mention that? :) This one tells us that they got to spend 6 days in Singapore! That explains all the sightseeing pictures they have posted!

On their last day they didn't take off for Japan right away. First they had breakfast at the hotel. Then they had to pack their suitcases. If 24 boys are anything like my friends and me, there's all kinds of stuff lying around the hotel room after 6 days. It'd be easy to forget something. :D

Then they went to a sports club for more food! I'm guessing that the round table of appetisers is this picture.

I'm guessing it also included some bowling and karaoke! :D

The hotel manager gave them all Conrad Hotel teddy bears! Awesome!

At the airport they all made it through security unscathed, thankfully, and took Moose to shop-til-they-dropped (or ran out of money) at the duty free shops. The airport always has the best stores (which include candy stores)!

Is the picture on the plane a hint of who the author or authors of the blog are? Just wondering... ;)

Then Libera posted official pictures they took in Singapore. These are always so beautiful! You can see all the Spring Tour 2012 pictures here. First the stage and concert pictures.

Love this one of Ralph!



Great colors; cool angle!

Ave Verum in red & blue

Ave Verum in white

With their string quartet.

This is a cool view of Ave Verum!

Now for the fun part - the sightseeing pictures. I'll write where my mom thinks these were taken since she went there. If anyone can correct us, please write in and tell us. :)

Ciaran and his Nintendo DSi

Jude on the Singapore Flyer Ferris wheel
pointing to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Singapore has Formula 1 Grand Prix racing, and
Jenson Button is a race car driver from the UK. So
I guess they got to see where he keeps his race car? 

Cutest pic of Matthew Madine eating with chopsticks.

Group pic at the Raffles Hotel.

Ralph, Cassius & Ciaran at the Sri Mariamman Temple
in Chinatown, Singapore's oldest Hindu temple.

Shopping in Chinatown.

Love this! Henry posing with laughing Buddha!

Eating hawker food!

Singapore River boat cruise.

Fountains outside VivoCity shopping mall.

By the other Merlion on Sentosa Island.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Luge! Looks sooo fun!

Sentosa Skyride. Not sure if Tom is liking this.

Tom, Ciaran, Adrian, Michael U-R & Nano Ben having fun!
Not sure if they went to Pirates 4D though.

Group pic at Sentosa Beach. Love Isaac kicking sand!

Swimming at Conrad Hotel pool.

Eoghan at Sentosa Island.

Moose's 5-star room at Conrad Hotel. :D

Conrad Hotel lobby with managers.

I love this pic of Carlos & Stefan with their Conrad bears!

Bowling at sports club.

Karaoke at sports club. Note someone playing the
piano in the background & photographer taking pic.

Michael U-R, Isaac & Matthew R-A playing piano.
Don't you wonder what they were playing together? :D

Glad you guys had such a great time in Singapore! Next stop... Japan! :D


  1. Eu sou do Brasil... eu amo o grupo Libera.... voces vao postar mais video do youtube?????? quero ouvir o que voces cantaram em Arundel.. beijos... amo todos voces!!!

  2. Olá Jacqueline! Eu amo Libera também! Você está pedindo Libera para postar um vídeo Arundel? Ou você está me pedindo para postar um vídeo Arundel? Obrigado por escrever para mim!

    Hello Jacqueline! I love Libera also! Are you asking Libera to post an Arundel video? Or are you asking me to post an Arundel video? Thank you for writing to me!