Friday, April 6, 2012

Traveling to Libera Singapore Concerts

Hi! This is Lexi's mom, Lauren. I am in Singapore and would like to share my time here with you...and with Lexi. ;) I wish she had come!

Libera just tweeted "Fantastic thunder and lightning storm over Singapore, but clearing up now. Looking forward to our first concert in the Esplanade." That's why I'm in the hotel still. But will do this then leave to get souvenirs. Hmmm...who could those be for? :D

It takes a long time, 25 hours actually, to get half way around the world, but Libera is worth it, right?! :D I left Chicago on Tuesday at 9:30 pm and flew first to Toronto. Libera was in Toronto just 1 year ago! Remember it even snowed back then?

Toronto Airport is empty at 12:30 am Wednesday

Moose's aunt and baby cousin!

Nice seats that make into a bed for 15.5 hour flight to Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Airport is empty at 5:00 am on Thursday

Hong Kong Airport food area upstairs at 6:45 am

Disney Hong Kong store! Don't want to give away what I got Lexi...

Nice Hong Kong gift shop


Rainy in Hong Kong for 8 am flight to Singapore

Flying in to misty Singapore!

So many container ships in Singapore Harbor!

Singapore Airport is rated one of the best in the world

Singapore Airport at 12:30 pm Thursday

Beautiful drive from the airport to town!

The Singapore Flyer, which Libera went on, and Marina Bay Sands Hotel

View from hotel room. The Esplanade Theatre is
just beyond the building on the left.

The Singapore Zoo has a Night Safari where you ride a tram
to see nocturnal animals. Saw a clouded leopard! They must lure animals
out with food, because they are RIGHT by your tram! There are ditches
between tram & animals like lions. Can also walk paths to see other animals.
It was too dark for my pictures to come out, and you aren't allowed to
disturb the animals with a flash photo. I really recommend this tour!

Very funny animal show! He asked where people are from.
So many were from China! He didn't ask if anyone was from US! :)

The Zoo has lots of restaurants & shops, but here's a new one!
It's a pedicure done by tiny fish who nibble at your skin! :D

Hopefully the next time I write, I will have watched the first concert in Singapore. I am very happy and excited to be here and to meet some of the new mini boys who are on their first tour. :D


  1. Glad that you have enjoyed Singapore! :)
    - Bamboo

  2. Hi, Bamboo! Thank you! I really have so far! Today Hannah, Yuki, Mummy & I are going to do some more sightseeing! It's a beautiful country! :)