Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Libera Featured On New Song "La Khalifa"

Libera is featured on a new album by saxophonist Yasuto Tanaka called "Morricone Paradiso." The song is called "La Khalifa (with chorus)." It was composed by Akira Senju, who also composed "Eternal Light." Thanks to Jimmy Riddle, we can listen to a sample of the song on SoundCloud! It is very beautiful and sounds like Libera does the background "ooh's." I think I hear Ralph Skan's voice! :)

The song is only available for purchase on iTunes Japan. It is Track 16. Here is the Japanese site


  1. How do we view the song on Soundcloud? Could you post the link here please?
    - Bamboo

  2. hi lexi -

    been a while. how are you? and mom? well, i already heard another version of la khalifa, sang by this british group "blake". it's a beautiful (but lonely) song. now, i'm tempted to buy libera's CD (if already available here) if only for this song - well, their's is instrumental/chorus version. unfortunately, most of the songs in this CD are old songs already. it's just a compilation. could this "ave maria" tom cully's version?