Saturday, April 7, 2012

Singapore Concert #2

Another great concert tonight! The boys seemed so relaxed and many smiled the whole time.

I have to leave in a few hours to go to the airport, so I'll just put up what you really want to see. Pictures!

The left side of the line is for signings. The right is people
just crowding to get a picture of the boys.

The signing line was VERY long both nights!



Matt Madine


Michael Menezes






Matthew J.

Matthew R-A








Michael U-R






  1. A lot of Thanks LEXI for your pictures. :-)

    (Pax Tecum ... fan's French forum)

  2. Thank you so much for the amazing pictues esp of the newbies!! You and Lexi are the best Libera fans ever!!

  3. Nice to see every boy. Thank you for this. On the dutch forum I mention always new posts from your

    Peter of the dutch site

  4. Thank u sooo much!! u guys are great! i feel as if we were all there thanks to u wonderful ladies. wow, the boys are getting to so big (Cassius, Stefan, Barney, Kav, etc) and yet the others are so tiny. Be safe on your travles home. i look forward to visiting your site here every day

  5. My goodness how quickly they grow! Boys who only seemed mini-boys not long ago, now look well established members. Great pics, thanks so much for sharing with libera fans all over the world ;)

  6. Loads of Thanks for your very competent and gracious efforts and shareings!!!

  7. Thanks so much for the pictures and the updates, Lauren! The boys looked like they were having a great time!

  8. I would like to thank you both for amazing reports and photos. I think that both of you are amazing fans and I love reading what you write as it makes me feel as though I was sitting right there beside you but, alas, I was not. I have seen Libera sing twice and it would be fantasticle if I could see them again but I would prefer that some of their other fans who have never seen them "live" would get a chance to see them before I see them again.

  9. Thanks for taking individual members, Lauren :). i agree that line was super long. but we managed to make it, didn't we? ;)

  10. thanks so much lauren for your amazing pictures of the boys. my oh my, cassius has grown now compared to his first visit here in manila - he was still a baby then! hah hah a darling, really! i hope you had a grand time, tho short it may be. and i agree with anonymous - you and lexi are the best!! i don't go to any other sites anymore but here as i get a first hand account of everything, complete with pictures!

    thanks so much again and take care. happy easter to your family!

  11. thanks for the pics! :) post a full review of the concert day 2 please! :)

  12. OH my! ALL the boys are so awesome and handsome! The older newbies are growing so fast. And STEFAN is more mature now, and so distinguished looking! He has a voice out of this world! I'm glad they went to Singapore, but I'll be so glad to get them back to the United States!!

    Thank you, Lauren, for your wonderful pictures! :)

  13. Thanks a ton for the pictures LEXI they are awsome!!

  14. i love your post! was there for the concert myself and loved it! you're so lucky you stayed at the same hotel as them!! and your lovely pictures made me wonder why i didnt do the same at the meet and great! ah well, next time they're here eh?:D thanks for sharing!

  15. Been finding the picture of Ralph hugging one fan. Do you have any idea where I can view it?

  16. Thank you for all your kind comments! I'm so glad you like the pictures! Great to hear there is a Dutch fan forum, Peter! I agree with you, Ian. There are so many countries who have not gotten to hear Libera. Anon, Ralph is hugging a girl in Singapore named Gen. I was there, but that picture belongs to her. It was taken by one of her friends. :)