Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Touring Singapore

Hi! It's Lauren. First I'll finish telling you about my time in Singapore.

I decided at the last minute to go to Singapore, so it happened by coincidence that I stayed at the same hotel as Libera. The Conrad Centennial Hotel is just lovely. Those Libera boys get to travel in style! :D

Hotel lobby

What the hotel room looks like

Guests get little Conrad bears, so each of the boys probably got one, too. :)

Fancy bathroom. Notice the little yellow duck on the bath tub?

Each room gets a little yellow duck to keep also!
Hope each boy got one! :D

Hotel pool with great view of the Singapore Flyer (largest Ferris wheel in world)

I also did other sightseeing besides the zoo. I won't bore you with the walking about and shopping pictures, but here's a few others.

View of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel from atop Esplanade Theatre

The national symbol of Singapore, the Merlion. Half mermaid (merman?) and half lion.

The Singapore Flyer. I think the boys went on this on Wednesday.

View from the top of the Singapore Flyer. Esplanade Theatre
is at far right. I love the floating soccer field, too!

National Museum of Singapore. We visited the very interesting history section.

The food in Singapore is great, but everone said to make sure
to get food from hawker stalls. This is my chicken & rice.

Singapore is a beautiful country full of kind, friendly people. I hope you'll visit if you ever get a chance. Maybe for another Libera concert! :D


  1. Cara aka LuxVenitApril 11, 2012 at 1:14 AM

    Cool that you stayed at the same hotel as Libera, and what a NICE hotel! Singapore looks like a really neat place, and I've also heard that the people there are very friendly and polite. You're so lucky that you got to visit AND see Libera there! Seriously, you are the ultimate Libera fan. :)

  2. nice pics did u see libera in the hotel? is that a dog swimming in the pool? :o