Friday, April 13, 2012

Tokyo Concert #1

Tokyo concert #1 went really well! Patrick has shared his pictures and details of the concert with us! Thank you, Patrick! :D

The line waiting to get into the concert.

What Bunkamura Hall looked like 15 minutes before the concert.
Patrick made this panorama from 3 pictures put together. :)

The song list was the same as the Singapore concerts. The only difference was that "Greatful Heart" was sung as a duet by Stefan and Ralph instead of a solo by Stefan.

The programs are beautiful! They have 28 full-color pages with no advertisements. People who had premium tickets got a program included. Programs purchased separately cost 1500 yen or $18.50 US each.

The Meet & Greets in Japan are different than in other countries. No photographs or videos are allowed while you're going through the line. It also appears that the 24 boys were divided up in groups of 6, and people went through only 2 tables of 6. Patrick was able to take some pictures while waiting. Great thinking, Patrick! :D

Kuba, Isaac & Stefan

Matthew R-A, Henry, Matthew J, Kuba, Isaac & Stefan

This picture was posted by EMI Japan International.
You can see Barney, Lucas & Matthew Menezes.
Thanks to Yuni for the link! :D

Premium ticket holders also received a box with a surprise in it. A thermos mug with "Libera" engraved on it! Very nice!

Can't wait to hear about concert #2!

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